Lynda, owner of Scullywag Social Media. Hello, my name is Lynda and I live in sunny Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I have always had a fascination for internet technology, since I first got online back in 1999. I purchased the Scullywag domain name in February 2000 and have kept it ever since. Over the years I have designed and maintained websites, resold web hosting and just generally had fun playing with technology and on the internet. Earlier this year I decided to try out blogging and was hooked. What I really found I loved though, was all the social media interaction that went along with it. Google being what it is, I started to see adds for Social Media courses, and I thought to myself, I could do that, and I think I would be good at it. So, I enrolled in the Diploma of Social Media Management and look forward to learning more.

I envision, sharing some of the knowledge I have picked up via the course, as well as my experiences in blogging.

I am skilled in various internet technologies; what I don’t know, I am eager to learn.