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My name is Lynda and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I first became fascinated with astrology as a young girl when I came across my mother’s copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs.

In the late 80’s I ordered a natal report through a magazine ad and was delighted to get my hands on all that information! Here at last was my ascendant, my moon sign, and the signs of all the other planets in my chart; along with information about what exactly it meant to have that particular planet in that particular sign in that particular house. I remember going into work the next day and telling two of the ladies there that I had received my astrology report – and asking them “Guess what sign my Moon is in?” I was rather taken aback that they both answered “Scorpio!” at the same time. I mean – how did they know? Was it really that obvious? Surely a Scorpio Moon should be far more inscrutable.

Over the years I read other astrology books, including Linda Goodman’s Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart (I still have it – incredibly well-thumbed, falling apart, and with passages underlined throughout). It wasn’t until 1999 though, when I first got online, that I really started to learn about astrology. I was like a kid let loose in a candy store. All this information – just waiting for me to find it – and I loved it all! I know I found AstroDienst very early on in my internet travels. If you haven’t been there yet, you definitely should – you can set up your free personal daily horoscope there and there are so many options to explore, including your natal chart.

At this time I was a mother at home with three young kids. I started playing around with designing web sites purely for my own entertainment and picked up some money doing so for a few friends. In early 2000 I purchased the Scullywag domain name. The name is derived from the chat handle I used to use and over the years the name has become very close to my heart. I used the Scullywag domain to sell web hosting and offered web design and maintenance services. It was not long after establishing Scullywag that I purchased some astrology and numerology software from AstroWorld and started selling their reports online through another web domain that I owned.

I suppose it was around 2001 that I started studying with an Australian astrology school and purchased Solar Fire astrological software (whose reports I was also able to sell online). I never did finish my studies; life got hectic and I was dragging my feet about doing assignments, and then the school closed down, as the owner retired. I still have my CD’s for the courses though, and really should go through them and look at the information again sometime.

That was an enjoyable time in my life; learning about astrology, access to other people learning astrology and a week-long trip to Hepburn Springs in 2003 for the “A Marriage of Minds” astrology conference. I met some lovely ladies there and stayed in close contact with one in particular, who has since died. I miss her, not only for her humour and her kindness, but also her biting wit and the fact that she was someone who I could discuss astrology with. She was incredibly generous, not only with her time and her knowledge, but I was the fortunate recipient of a lot of her books when she moved and couldn’t take them with her.

Around 2004 I had started working outside the home again and found I didn’t have as much time to monitor the astrology website and closed it down. I still retained my enthusiasm for the subject though and have continued to use Solar Fire on an ongoing basis for my own personal use. I have upgraded it at least once since that initial purchase and I must admit that I would love to upgrade it again sometime soon.

And so, here I am now. I have dabbled with the idea of putting an astrology site up again over the years, but it never seemed quite right. I wasn’t sure how to entice people to my website if I set one up. There are so many other astrology sites, how would I make even a small dent in the market?

Inspiration came from a dear friend. I had read her chart and told her what I thought was likely in store for her. She told me a few weeks later that what I had told her had been right and that she had read other horoscopes that said more or less the same thing that I had. I was like – “Well, yes! I do know a little about what I am talking about!” – acting all indignant and yet secretly (or knowing me, not so secretly) pleased that I had gotten it right. It got me thinking, maybe I should write weekly horoscopes. It would be a way of having people come to the page on an ongoing basis and it would be a good learning experience for me to write them.

I was pondering what I could do, apart from the weekly horoscopes to keep the website growing if I did this, and then it occurred to me. I just needed to be me. I don’t pretend to be a professional astrologer, but rather an enthusiastic (and sometimes dubious) acolyte. I preface my horoscopes by saying that for best results people should read their ascendant sign rather than their Sun (star) sign. It is something that I have told friends over the years. It occurred to me that I could write an article in layman’s terms about why you should read your ascendant rather than your Sun sign when reading your horoscope.

Then other ideas started popping into my head – things I had pondered myself or had fascinated me with their synchronicity. I realized that I could likely find things to write about that would not necessarily carry the weight of authority but rather the enthusiasm of sharing what I have learnt from others. I was born with a Disseminating Moon after all – we’re all about spreading what we have learnt (and yes, I imagine there will be an article on that subject down the road one day too). Plus, I have to admit – I just love how this blogging platform works; I am having far too much fun to stop now.


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