The Zodiac Signs and New Year's Eve

How the Zodiac Signs Celebrate New Year’s Eve

It’s usually not difficult to spot the various zodiac signs if you have a little knowledge of astrology. Next time you are out at an event or celebration, have a look around and see if you can spot the different astrological archetypes on display. ARIES You’ll quite possibly hear an Aries before you see them. Regardless of what sort of

Transiting Retrograde Planets

Transiting Retrograde Planets

Planets are retrograde when from our perspective on Earth they look to be going backward. They are not actually going backward but the planet’s position in relation to the positions of the Sun and Earth means that sometimes they seem to be going in reverse motion. If you look at the animation below you can see on the left that

Jupiter in Sagittarius - Where Will You Be Lucky?

Jupiter in Sagittarius – Where Will You Be Lucky?

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is associated with generosity, expansion, travel, higher education, religion, philosophy and belief systems. Generally speaking, the area of your natal chart that transiting Jupiter is traveling through at any one time is more likely to see some benefits, gains and good luck. On the 8th of November 2018, Jupiter will move from

Transiting Venus Retrograde

Transiting Venus Retrograde

Venus will be retrograde from the 5th of October until the 17th of November 2018. Venus will station on the 4th of October, before stationing retrograde on the 5th of October at 10° Scorpio. During this time, Venus will retrograde back as far as 25° Libra before stationing direct on the 16th of November and resuming forward motion again on the

Retrograde Superior Planets

Transiting Superior Retrograde Planets

The superior planets, those from the earth out (Mars to Pluto) have a particular way of processing their retrograde periods. The house/s that the retrograde planet is transiting is likely to show you where you may feel stuck, unsure or vaguely unsettled during this time. If you have natal planets or chart points that will make stressful aspects (conjunction, opposition,

Uranus in Taurus 2018 to 2026

Uranus in Taurus – 2018 to 2026

Uranus being in the sign of Taurus over the next 8 years, means we can expect to have changes in relation to the planet, financial systems, and our values. This is because Taurus is an earth sign and is ruled by Venus which is related to our affections, values, and money. As Taurus is a fixed sign that is not

2018 Calendar of Astrological Events

2018 Astrology Events Calendar

Below is a list of astrological events occurring in 2018, broken down by month. Retrograde periods for the planets shown first, including retrograde shadow period times for Mercury to Jupiter. All times Central Standard Time (CST). Mercury Retrogrades: March 22 (16° Aries 54′) to April 15 (04° Aries 46′) (shadow period from 8 March to 3 May 2018) July 26 (23° Leo

Transiting Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter will be retrograde from the 9th of March until the 10th of July 2018. During this time Jupiter will station retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio late on the 7th of March and backtrack to 13 degrees Scorpio where it will station direct on the 10th of July. If you have planets or angles at 13 or 23 degrees Scorpio, you may

Astrology books on my bookshelf

Astrology Books on my Bookshelf

Below are some of the astrology books I own. I was fortunate enough to be gifted many of them by an old friend, and some I bought myself. Some have been read many times, cover to cover, many have been thumbed through or skimmed to some degree. Doing this article took a lot longer than it should have specifically because

Romantic compatibility and astrology

Astrology and Romance Compatibility

There are several ways to find out how compatible you might be with someone else using astrology. Most of these methods are generally used for love relationships, but will also give you some information about how you interact with another person if they are a friend, family member or someone that you work with. Below are some examples of ways