Moon Signs in Astrology

Moon Signs in Astrology

The Moon along with the Sun and the Ascendant play a very important and telling part of our natal charts. The Moon is representative of our emotions. It is also related to motherhood and mothering (not just our children, but our relationships in general). It is how we nurture others, and how we go about getting our needs met. It

What the Planets Mean in Astrology.

What the Planets Represent in Astrology

So, you’ve got a copy of your astrology chart – and frankly, it means nothing to you. You are not alone, here below is a breakdown of what the different planets mean in astrology along with the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and some important chart points. Don’t have a copy of your natal chart yet? Get yourself over here and

The best way to read your Sun sign horoscope

The Best Way To Read Your Sun Sign Horoscope

Most people read their star sign (also known as your Sun sign) when reading their horoscope.  You are usually better off reading your Ascendant sign when reading your horoscope though, as the way that horoscopes are written usually uses your star sign as your Ascendant. If you read your star sign horoscope, that will give you some information about what events

Reading your horoscope with more accuracy

Reading Your Horoscope with More Accuracy.

Many people love reading their weekly or daily horoscopes; but if you know what sign your Ascendant is in, it makes reading your horoscope more accurate. While a general weekly horoscope cannot tell you exactly what is going on in your life at the moment; it can give you an idea of the general activity of the planets at that

Why you should read your ascendant sign and not your star sign when reading your horoscope.

How Your Ascendant Affects Your Sun Sign Horoscope

There’s a reason you should read your ascendant sign and not your Sun (star) sign when reading your horoscope – and it’s all to do with houses. When you look at an astrological chart it is usually presented in a wheel format – with twelve divisions – we call those divisions houses. Each of those houses represents a particular area