Relocation Report


Your relocation chart is a horoscope cast for a different location to your place of birth.  The report outlines what influences are likely to be experienced in a new environment, which can be very handy to know when planning a vacation, and especially so when considering relocating to a new locale.

The Relocation Report is approximately 7 pages. An example of the report is below.

Date, time and place of birth is needed to generate an accurate report.

Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery to your email inbox. 


Your relocation chart is a horoscope cast for a different location to your place of birth.  The report outlines what influences are likely to be experienced in a new environment, which can be very handy to know when planning a vacation, and especially so when considering relocating to a new locale.

The Relocation Report is approximately 7 pages. An example of the report is below.

Date, time and place of birth is needed to generate an accurate report.

Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery to your email inbox. 


Relocation Report for Chris

Relocated Locality

Brisbane QLD, Australia, 153e02 00   27s28 00


Natal Chart

Chris, 21 Oct 1961, 1:28:00 PM, CDT +05:00:00

Highland, Illinois USA, 89w40’16, 38n44’22


Astro Locality Map
Astro Locality Map for Chris



Welcome to your relocated chart report.

Your relocated chart is a horoscope cast for a different location to your place of birth. The zodiacal positions of the planets remain the same as in your natal chart, but their positions in the houses change.

In days past, most people tended to remain close to where they were born. This is not the case today; transcontinental and international travel is commonplace. The purpose of a relocated natal chart is to reveal the influences you are likely to experience in different locations. The interpretations in the report can show you what to expect from the new location. It is an invaluable tool for planning holiday or business trips and can be very useful when considering setting up home somewhere else.

As well as interpreting the planets in the houses, your relocation report also incorporates the Astro-Locality-Map (ALM) based on Astro*Carto*Graphy (R) (A*C*G) popularized by Jim Lewis, and Direction Lines based on the Local Space Astrology (R) (LS) method developed by Michael Erlewine.

The Astro-Locality-Map superimposes planetary data on to a map of the world and shows where each of the planets in a birth chart are actually crossing the meridian or horizon. The geographical locations of the planetary lines represent places where the individual can expect to experience the effects of the planet under observation.

Direction Lines are drawn through the birthplace in the direction of each of the planets. These lines extend around the entire Earth forming great circles. A planet’s quality, energy or power is experienced anywhere along the length of the line.

ALM and Direction lines running through or close to your relocated position will indicate how the place will affect you. For example, a Jupiter line will increase your sense of optimism and chances of success, whereas a Saturn line is more likely to be hard going and restrictive. In addition, Aspects and Midpoints can be used with planetary lines in order to fine-tune the interpretation.

Parans (Planetary Crossings) can also be considered. These represent a merging of two planetary energies at the degree of latitude the intersection occurs, which, of course, may correspond to your relocated place. Additionally, if a planetary Direction line crosses an ALM line a Destiny Crossing is said to occur.

Finally, it is important to take the Distance Orbs into account. The closer a planetary line is to the relocated place the more powerful it is likely to be.

Relocated Ascendant and Midheaven

Ascendant in Libra

Interacting socially with others is what you are about here. You are engaging, charming and fun to be with and generally well-liked. You thrive on company and tend to attract aesthetic and creative people into your life. You may develop a discriminating eye for the arts and the finer things in life here. Whilst you always prefer harmony over discord, there is the likelihood that certain people will manage to ‘push your buttons’ here.

Midheaven in Cancer

Your reputation is precious to you here and you will go to great lengths to keep it in good shape. You have a desire to care for and help others and may be suited to careers involving catering, hospitality, natural therapies, nursing, general commerce or family businesses. You are ambitious for your family here and upwardly mobile in your choice of housing.

ACG and Local Space

Pluto Sextile Midheaven at 154e26′

Distance: 138 km (85 miles) Strong Influence

You have the capability to make your mark on the world and become a person of some significance here. You have the capability to be a leader – in a specialized field – that others trust and feel comfortable enough with to support.

Pluto in 12th House

To some extent, you may feel like a stranger in a strange land here. There is something unsettling about this place that you can’t quite put your finger on. You may become aware of corruption or cover-ups, and have to deal with personal anxiety and paranoia.


Neptune Trine Midheaven at 154e41′

Distance: 163 km (101 miles) Strong Influence

You have a somewhat idealistic and spiritual view of the world in this place. You come across as romantic and dreamy to others. You are especially sensitive to the influence of other people here, particularly those you work and live with.

Neptune in 1st House

You tend to radiate a dream-like quality here that draws others to you. Your imagination and intuitive faculties soar. Negatively, there may be a tendency to overuse alcohol and other stimulants. You are super-sensitive to environmental influences and may expose yourself to exploitation by others by being too accommodating or impressionable.


Mars Square Direction Line

Distance: 266 km (165 miles) Orb 3 01′ of azimuth Strong Influence

There is a tendency to act impulsively and rashly here, which can lead to accidents or conflicts with other people. You may need to tone down aggressive traits and pushiness. Alternatively, you may attract the attention of aggressive or domineering people.


Mars in 1st House

Your sense of adventure is given a charge here. You want to find out as much as you can about this place first-hand. You come across to others as bold and direct; however, you can also be seen as headstrong and impatient. Physically, you should enjoy good stamina and body strength here; however, if you act before thinking there is a risk of accidents and injuries.


Mars Trine Midheaven at 157e53′

Distance: 477 km (296 miles) Moderate Influence

You feel impelled to realize your most personal aspirations here and to achieve successful results in your career. In general, you enjoy harmony between your domestic and professional lives here, with each positively supporting the other. While you are competitive, chasing the same goals as others doesn’t interest you here as much as setting and achieving your own objectives.


Venus Square Midheaven at 148e01′

Distance: 494 km (307 miles) Moderate Influence

Status in your career is important to you here, and vocational successes are likely in creative occupations, the beauty or fashion industries, or the public relations sectors. Be aware, there may be disharmony with others caused by family and vocational demands impinging upon one another.


Venus in 12th House

It is advisable to get to know how things work here before making your wishes known to others, as there is a danger you’ll walk into hidden traps or make social blunders. There may the attraction of ‘forbidden’ or secret romantic connection; however be aware that sexual indiscretion could result in scandal and embarrassment.


Venus on Ascendant

Distance: 535 km (332 miles) Moderate Influence

At this location, you display a keen sense of grace, beauty, and refinement, coupled with a cultured and pleasing manner towards others. The finer things in life, such as the arts and music appeal to you. You have a good fashion sense and know how to dress well and make a favorable impression on others. You mix well socially and people generally like being in your company. You can, however, be vain, lazy or self-indulgent here.


Saturn Square Ascendant

Distance: 677 km (420 miles) Mild Influence

You keep people guessing here; some days you come across as shy or inhibited and other days as authoritarian and controlling. You are very practical and take your responsibilities seriously. At times, you are quite self-contained and tend to keep your own counsel, consulting with others only when you need to. This can make you appear aloof or distant. You tend not to suffer fools here and have little time for silliness and trivialities. Sometimes you experience difficulties relating to others, or you just cannot be bothered with the demands of relationships. You may shun company and spend periods in seclusion.


Saturn in 4th House

Your home and family life are very important to you here; however, there can be difficulties establishing domestic harmony and security. You may feel responsible for a parent or a family member, even if you’re separated by distance. Older people tend to experience hardship here; so you may want to ask yourself if this is the right place to be in at retirement age.


Mercury Trine Midheaven at 143e30′

Distance: 940 km (584 miles) Mild Influence

You are able to maintain a good balance between your professional life and your home life. You are interested in learning and study, and intellectual work should be quite easy for you here. People are interested in your ideas and seek you out to hear your opinions.


Mercury in 1st House

You become more communicative and curious about just about everything and everyone you meet here. Other people find you stimulating and enjoy engaging you in conversation. This is a good place for study and intellectual work or writing. Less productively, you may be inclined to idle chatter and gossip.


Jupiter Square Ascendant

Distance: 983 km (611 miles) Mild Influence

You have a larger than life personality here that others find extremely attractive. You easily make a good first impression on people because you are friendly and outgoing. You come into contact with people who can help you socially, financially and professionally. About the only negative thing that can be said about this place is that there can be a tendency to overdo the good life and put on weight.


Jupiter in 4th House

This might just be one of the best places in the world for you to live. You feel quite at home and secure here. Family matters go well, property values increase and wealth seems to accumulate as you get older. Your home may be an environment of learning or teaching.


Sun on Ascendant

Distance: 1008 km (626 miles) Mild Influence

You display a strong personal presence here and can make an impact on others. You come across as strong willed, proud and confident. You show self-assurance and leadership capabilities, coupled with a strong desire for recognition and personal success. Possibly, you may overwhelm other people with the power of your personality, or exhibit excessive pride or egotism.


Sun in 1st House

You have presence, charisma and an ability to make an impact on others here. You display leadership capabilities and organizational skills, coupled with a strong desire to be acknowledged by your peers. At times, you can overwhelm other people with the power of your personality, or be prone to excessive pride and egotism.


Uranus Sextile Midheaven at 142e37′

Distance: 1026 km (638 miles) Mild Influence

In this location, you tend to march to the beat of your own drum. While you generally get along well with others, you cherish your independence and the freedom to come and go as you please. Professionally, you tend to prefer careers that are unusual for even you. Your domestic circumstances are often changeable here.


Uranus in 11th House

You tend to establish unusual friendships here. Your friends are likely to be independent and freedom-loving. They know their own minds and show little regard for convention. They can also be unpredictable and prone to sudden actions that test your friendship.


Pluto Direction Line

Distance: 4148 km (2578 miles) Orb 0 33′ of azimuth Mild Influence

Things can happen here that change your life dramatically. You may meet someone who has a profound effect on you, or an external event of some sort can turn your life upside down. Life is not a picnic here; you often feel under pressure from others or even from forces within yourself. Power struggles are possible; especially if others try to push you around, or you try to push them around. If you are at a transition point in your life this is a good location to hurry the process along. However, the intensity you feel here is hard to sustain for long periods at a time.


Uranus Direction Line

Distance: 4152 km (2580 miles) Orb 1 50′ of azimuth Mild Influence

If you are looking to change your life and have a whole lot of new experiences, this could be the place to be. Expect the unexpected here. Keep an open mind and see what happens. This is a good place to develop and introduce innovations and reforms. You have the freedom to be original and inventive. Others may find you unconventional, but that shouldn’t worry you. In fact, you get quite a kick out of being different.



Neptune on the Imum Coeli crosses Saturn on the Descendant at 29s42′

Distance: 249 km (155 miles) Orb 2 15′ of latitude Mild Influence

You can make your dreams a reality here, because you what works and what doesn’t. Spiritual values may mean more to you here than material achievements. You have a deep desire to help those in need. At the physical level, you may be prone to bouts of low vitality and illness.


Jupiter on the Imum Coeli crosses Neptune on the Ascendant at 29s54′

Distance: 271 km (168 miles) Orb 2 27′ of latitude Mild Influence

Spiritual subjects interest you greatly here, and it is possible that you will have psychic experiences and revelations. Your powers of imagination and inspiration are enhanced, and you may succeed in artistic activities. You may have an inclination to gamble.


Mars on the Imum Coeli crosses Jupiter on the Descendant at 24s56′

Distance: 280 km (174 miles) Orb 2 32′ of latitude Mild Influence

This is a good place for starting new projects or business ventures. Hard work and endeavor pay off. You are confident of success and prepared to take risks. You often find yourself in the right place at the right time.


Jupiter on the Midheaven crosses Sun on the Descendant at 23s21′

Distance: 457 km (284 miles) Orb 4 07′ of latitude Mild Influence

You have an essentially positive and healthy outlook on life here. Generosity of spirit and a good sense of humor makes you popular and fun to be with. You can broaden your personal horizons through travel and intellectual activity. In general, this is a fortunate place for you and your needs will be met without too much hardship.


Jupiter on the Imum Coeli crosses Mars on the Ascendant at 31s59′

Distance: 502 km (312 miles) Orb 4 31′ of latitude Mild Influence

This is a good place for starting new projects or business ventures. Hard work and endeavor pay off. You are confident of success and prepared to take risks. You often find yourself in the right place at the right time.


Destiny Crossings


Uranus direction line crosses Venus on the Ascendant at 28s28′, 147e36′

Distance: 544 km (338 miles) Moderate Influence

Your relationships will be put to the test. You feel a strong need for freedom and independence at this location. Lovers and partners need to be very flexible and adaptable. Any sign of neediness or possessiveness in another will scare you off. Sudden attractions of short duration work best.


Pluto direction line crosses Venus on the Ascendant at 30s27′, 147e35′

Distance: 625 km (388 miles) Mild Influence

You may meet ‘the one’ here; at least you can expect deep and intense romantic experiences. A love union formed could change your life. Possibly, you may invite unwelcome romantic attention. Guard against obsessive lovers or power struggles in love.


Uranus direction line crosses Moon on the Descendant at 29s34′, 145e11′

Distance: 801 km (498 miles) Mild Influence

You are likely to display strongly individualistic inclinations and to rebel against any restrictions on your freedom and independence. You can be very strong-willed and ambitious here. You have a sharp intuition and can be uncannily perceptive about people and situations. Your emotional and family life can, at times, be strained or tense.


Pluto direction line crosses Moon on the Descendant at 31s24′, 145e18′

Distance: 866 km (538 miles) Mild Influence

Life is intense and emotionally complex here. There may be power struggles in the home or with dominant women. Equally, you can come across as domineering or emotionally manipulative. Anticipate occasional emotional shocks.


End of Report



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