Transiting Jupiter Retrograde

Transiting Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter will be retrograde from the 10 April 2019 to 11 August 2019.  During this time Jupiter will station retrograde at 24 degrees Sagittarius on the 10th of April and backtrack to 14 degrees Sagittarius where it will station direct on the 11th of August. If you have planets or angles at 14 or 24 degrees Sagittarius you may find yourself feeling the effects of the retrograde more strongly than others.

All times Central Standard Time (C.S.T.)

Stationing Retrograde

Putting the Brakes On

As Jupiter comes up to its station (before turning retrograde) there may be an increase of enthusiasm and optimism in relation to projects associated with the natal house that Jupiter is currently transiting. This is because the upcoming trine, of the Sun to Jupiter, is likely to be felt prior to the aspect becoming exact.

Retrograde Motion

Perfecting the Accelerated Trine

At the time of the station retrograde, and up to when the trine from the Sun becomes exact, it may be realized that much more time and effort will be needed to achieve the aims and ambitions that so very recently seemed within reach. Any momentum that has been built up may tend to come to a standstill at this time, and it may take until Jupiter stations direct before any real progress is made.

Sometimes, this slowing down of momentum can be more a case of losing enthusiasm for or being unable to follow through on your plans in some way. When looking back on the situation at a later date, you may come to the conclusion that things worked out for the best in any case.

Personal Values and Morals

The time of the retrograde is when you may find yourself reviewing your personal moral compass, particularly in regard to the affairs of the natal house that Jupiter is retrograding in. You may also find that you have less enthusiasm for issues related to this natal house.

It could also be that your interest in these issues may not be dimmed, but that situations arise that make any progress in these areas difficult or impossible. This does not necessarily mean that you have to accept defeat with delays or obstructions, but rather, that flexibility and an ability to allow events to unfold in their own time frame may be required.

Aspects to Natal Planets and Angles

Some will find that Jupiter retrograde seems to have little or no effect in relation to the concerns of the natal house that it is transiting. It is when retrograding Jupiter makes an aspect to a natal planet or angle that you are more likely to feel the limiting effects of the retrograde. You may find that areas and subjects related to the planet or angle no longer seem to work at optimum levels. You may find that innate gifts or talents related to these planets no longer seem to work for you during this time.

Accelerated Quincunx 

As the Sun comes up to quincunx the retrograde Jupiter, there may be an urgency to achieve your aims in relation to the house being transited or planet or angles being aspected. Alternatively, this may be a time when you feel the need to take evasive action. In both cases, the need to act quickly seems to be especially strong. After the retrograde period, there may be a need to go back and revisit these decisions and make any amendments necessary.


The opposition from the Sun brings to a head the events that have been suppressed or delayed by Jupiter’s retrograde motion. As Jupiter is associated with expansion, this may result in over the top or excessive reactions to any impediments encountered. The more fervently desired the event or situation that has been repressed was, the more likely the reaction is to be extreme.

Decelerated Quincunx

After the opposition, the Sun comes up to again quincunx retrograde Jupiter. This is a time when decisions and plans made at the accelerated quincunx and opposition, are likely to be put into effect. The need to wait for events or situations to evolve is likely nerve-wracking and optimism may be inflated at this time.

Decelerated Trine

As the Sun moves towards the decelerated trine, the speed of Jupiter slows, as it gets ready to station again before going direct. While the trine is considered a helpful aspect, in this situation it serves as a release from all the built-up tension and expectations. When the expectations have been overly optimistic or unrealistic, any disappointment is likely to be intense and dramatic.

Stationing Direct 

Not long after the decelerated trine from the Sun, Jupiter will station before turning direct again. At this time, unexpressed emotions may come flooding out and optimism may be at a higher than realistic levels. A sense of anticipation and nervous energy is likely to be experienced in the run-up to the station direct. The actual station direct itself may be a time when some sort of illumination of direction is given and momentum may start to increase again.

Natal Planets Aspected by the Stationary Direct Degree

If a natal planet was aspected by the Jupiter stationary direct degree, then events that took place when Jupiter first transited over that degree (start of shadow retrograde) are likely to come to some sort of completion at this time. This is usually a period of about 7 months previous to Jupiter stationing direct.

Direct Motion

Full Steam Ahead

As Jupiter will be in direct motion for approximately 8 months after its retrograde phase, this is a time when plans and ideas related to the natal house that Jupiter is transiting in are likely to go well. Naturally, the influences of the other planets may counteract or override the benevolent features of Jupiter’s direct motion.

New perspectives

Any difficulties experienced during the retrograde period may have meant that a newer perspective or approach has been adopted to what was being inhibited during the retrograde period.

The Finishing Touches

Between the stationary direct and the time that Jupiter transits over the stationary retrograde degree ( a period of about 4 months) is likely to be a time filled with tidying up details related to long-range projects related to the natal house that Jupiter was transiting.

Natal Planets Aspected by the Stationary Retrograde Degree

If a natal planet was aspected by the degree that Jupiter stationed retrograde, any disturbance caused by the retrograde may be alleviated to some degree, when Jupiter crosses over that degree again, in direct motion (end of the shadow retrograde period).

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