Venus retrograde 2018

Transiting Venus Retrograde – 5 October to 17 November 2018

Venus retrograde periods last approximately 6 weeks and are a time for reviewing our relationships and our values.  The natal house/s that Venus is retrograding through will give some indication of the type of issues that Venus will draw our attention to and where an imbalance is likely to exist.

As Venus comes back to retrograde at the same spot it did 8 years previous (give or take a few degrees), there is likely to be a continuation or evolution of events that were happening 8 years ago.

Venus has a need for harmony and balance, and during the retrograde phase, many of us start looking at situations differently than we usually do. This can be enlightening, but also quite challenging.

While once we may have relied on our instincts, we may disregard them in favor of what we think is socially acceptable. Those that usually rely on their intellect and logic may throw caution to the winds and favor their heart over their head.

While Venus seeks harmony and balance, we can veer too far to one side during retrograde periods. Instead of adding this new way of looking at the situation and adding it to what we already know, there is a danger of disregarding our old ways of evaluating circumstances completely in favor of the new.

What You May Expect 

Below is a list of what you may expect during this Venus retrograde, depending on your ascendant sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can sign up for your free natal chart or find out on

Keep in mind, that these apply to this Retrograde Venus transit only. On the 31st of October 2018, Venus will retrograde back from Scorpio to Libra, so there will be a slight change of theme at this time.

If you have any natal planets or chart points at 25° Libra to 10° Scorpio you are likely to feel the effects strongly. People with a birthday from 17 October to 3 November have their natal Sun between these zodiac degrees (give or take a degree either side).

All times Central Standard Time (CST).

Aries (8th House) 

How you go about being intimate with others is likely to be under evaluation at this time. You may be reviewing how you share your money and possessions with others at this time too.

As November begins, you are likely to be focusing more on your partnerships and close friendships.

Taurus – (7th House)

Your relationships with your partner and close friends may be undergoing some review at this time. For some, this may be a particularly difficult time for partnerships.

As October slips into November, you are likely to focus more on your day-to-day routines and health and fitness.

Gemini (6th House) 

You may be reviewing your health and fitness during this time. Your day-to-day routines, and what you do for others are other topics that are likely to be re-evaluated at this time.

As November starts, you are likely to find yourself looking closely at what you do for fun. Who and where you socialize as well as how you express yourself creatively are likely to come under review.

Cancer (5th House)

You may be re-evaluating what you do for fun during this period. What brings you joy, what satisfies your inner muse and your relationship with your children and loved ones may be reviewed now.

As November begins, you are likely to shift focus on your immediate family and home. Where you live may be under review at this time.

Leo (4th House)

You may be re-evaluating where you live at this time and family relationships. Your relationship with your parents may also be undergoing some changes at this time.

As October moves into November, you are likely to concentrate more on how you get your point across. YOur communication style may undergo some changes at this time.

Virgo (3rd House) 

You may be analyzing and re-evaluating how you communicate with others at this time. Relationships with siblings and cousins may also be under review at this time.

As November begins, you are likely to find yourself thinking more about your finances and possessions. How you feel about yourself and how that is or isn’t tied to your feelings of self-worth are likely to be part of your focus now.

Libra (2nd House)

You are likely to undergo changes in how you value your finances and possessions. This may involve a re-evaluation of how what you own (or don’t own) impacts on your self-esteem.

As November starts, you are likely to do more thinking about how others view you, and the face you present to the world.

Scorpio (1st House)

You are likely to undergo changes in how you present yourself to others. You may be considering a new look, or showing more of your true personality to the world at large.

As November begins, you may find yourself thinking more about your self-sabotaging habits and secrets. You may have a change of heart when it comes to psychological issues and spirituality.

 Sagittarius (12th House)

You may be undergoing changes in areas related to religion and spirituality. Your approach to psychological matters may undergo some change.

The beginning of November may see your focus shift towards friendships and groups that you belong to. You may be re-evaluating certain friendships and find yourself looking for groups more in line with your value system.

Capricorn (11th House)

You may be pruning your friendships at this time, looking for friends whose values are more in line with yours. Groups that you belong to may lose some of their appeal now, and you may find yourself drawn to other organizations that are more to your liking.

The beginning of November is likely to have you doing some thinking about your career or public reputation. Does what you do align with what you believe? With what is important to you?

 Aquarius (10th House) 

You are likely to be doing a lot of deep thinking about your career and public reputation. If what you do for a living does not align with your values, you may have a hard time staying now.

As October moves into November, you are likely to be doing a lot of thinking about other cultures and about broadening your horizons in some way.  Your approach to philosophy, religion, higher learning or travel may change in some intrinsic way.

Pisces (9th House) 

Your thoughts and views on religion, philosophy, other cultures, travel, and higher learning may be changing. What you do to broaden your horizons may undergo change at this time.

As November begins, you may find yourself contemplating what you share with others. How you approach intimacy with those closest to you, and the sharing of resources is likely to come under review.

Important Dates for this Venus Retrograde

Venus will be retrograde from October 5 at 10° Scorpio 50′  when it stationed retrograde, until November 17 when it will station direct at 25° Libra 15′. The Shadow period lasts from 2 September to 17 December 2018.

This Venus retrograde is likely to have a strong correlation to events that happened when Venus last retrograded this area of the zodiac back in 2010. Back then Venus stationed retrograde on October 8th, 2010 at 13° Scorpio and stationed direct again on November 18th, 2010 at 27° Libra.

The area of your natal chart that has the zodiac degrees from 25° Libra to 10° Scorpio will tell you what areas of your life may be affected by this transit.

You can view an infographic on what the different astrological houses represent here.


Venus stations retrograde 2018

Sensitive Degrees

Station retrograde and direct degrees are often quite sensitive and those that have natal planets or chart points at the same degree (give or take a degree either side) may experience the retrograde more intensely than others. Those with aspects to the station degrees may also experience the retrograde strongly.

When the aspects to transiting retrograde Venus are hard (conjunction, opposition or square) there is likely to be more friction and angst involved in dealing with what emerges. The soft aspects (sextile and trine), are more likely to be less troublesome and may even be helpful in some ways.

Hard Aspects – 9° to 11° Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius and 24° to 26° Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.

Soft Aspects – 9° to 11° Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo and Cancer and 24° to 26° Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo and Gemini.

Sun Conjunct Retrograde Venus 

Retrograde Venus and the Sun will be conjunct on the 26th of October 2018 at 3° Scorpio. At the time of the conjunction, the Moon in Taurus (ruled by Venus) will be opposite Jupiter. The Sun conjunct retrograde Venus can cause us to project issues from the past onto our current circumstances. As Jupiter has a tendency to expand and can inflame a situation on occasion, this may be quite a turbulent time emotionally (Moon) for many people.

Uranus in the sign of Taurus will be squaring the north node. The north node is related to what we need to be working towards and the square to Uranus could have people acting out in unpredictable (Uranus) ways.

Changing Signs 

This Venus retrograde starts in the sign of Scorpio, a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto. This is an intense and penetrating sign, it wants to delve into the depths and find what needs to be exposed to the cold hard light of day.

On the 31st of October 2018, Venus retrogrades back into Libra, a cardinal air sign. Libra is ruled by Venus and is a sign that values harmony highly. There may be less tendency to rock the boat with this change of sign. When a confrontation is necessary, it is likely to be covered by a veneer of courtesy.

In my head, I imagine this change of Venus from Scorpio to Libra as someone putting on silk gloves over an iron fist.

The chart for when it changes from Scorpio to Libra shows Venus squaring Uranus which is at 0° Taurus, about to retrograde back into Aries. Venus is also receiving a square from the north node.

Venus retrograde from Scorpio to Libra 2018

Station Direct 

Venus stations direct on the 16th of November, 2018. At this time, there is the likelihood of a showdown of sorts in relation to the areas of life that relates to the natal house/s transited in your chart.

Jupiter at this time will have changed signs and now be in Sagittarius, the sign that it rules. The Moon, in Pisces, a sign which it is said to be dignified in (good position) is moving away from squaring Jupiter. Mars in the sign of Pisces, however, is coming up to square Jupiter.

Uranus will have retrograded back into Aries by this time and still be squared by the north node.


Venus stations direct 2018

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