Weekly Horoscope - 1 to 7 January 2018

Weekly Horoscope – 1 to 7 January 2018

Happy New Year! We start the New Year with a full moon in the sign of Cancer. Mars goes on to conjunct Jupiter on the 6th bringing energy and optimism. The Sun and Venus are very close to conjunction for most of the week but never actually meet exactness but are close enough to make this an enjoyable time when we want to relate harmoniously with others. Mercury trines Uranus on the 6th bringing originality and uniqueness to how we think and express ourselves.

Please be aware that for best results you should read your Ascendant sign instead of your Sun (star) sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can find out by requesting a free natal chart.  You can also catch your horoscope on our YouTube Channel.

Wondering what the recent passage of lucky Jupiter into Scorpio means for you? Check here to see where Jupiter will bring good fortune until November 2018.

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Aries - The RamYou may start this new year feeling positive and excited about shared resources and assets. It is also in the realm of emotional sharing that you are likely to be feeling positive and enthusiastic. In the workplace, you are harmonious, well liked and viewed as hardworking and dedicated. This week is a good time to make sure that your work/life balance is in good shape. You are likely to be excited about what this new year holds for you in relation to broadening your horizons in some way.


Taurus - The BullThis week is likely to have you feeling energetic and charged up about relationships. For most this will be an exciting and positive time with your partner, with you feeling optimistic about the direction that your relationship is going in. There can be a tendency to go overboard in this though, and if the relationship is strained the possibility of fights getting blown out of proportion is possible. Much better to find a better way to channel all that energy if possible. The areas study, travel and broadening your horizons are likely to have you feeling eager to get started on 2018 right way.


Gemini - The TwinsIf you have new year’s resolutions relating to your fitness or health, you are likely to be off to a positive and energetic start this week. The arena of your career might also have you feeling enthused and excited at this time. This week issues related to finances or self-esteem may blindside you temporarily, but you are likely to have support from others, more than you might have imagined. Partnerships with friends or people you know from groups you belong to may be intriguing this week.


Cancer - The CrabThe new year may find you feeling a little emotional. This is a time though when you can and should take some time out for yourself, what makes you happy, and what feeds your soul. Those in relationships no doubt have been putting a lot of time and energy into them and may feel the need for a little more “me” time early in the week. The latter part of the week, however, is likely to be a time when you are feeling content with your relationship/s. New ideas about your career and what you do to serve others in some way likely have you feeling excited late in the week.


Leo - The LionThe first part of the week would probably be a good time to take some time out for yourself. You may find yourself feeling more emotional about deep-seated issues and there is a possibility of secrets coming out at this time. Any projects related to your home or family are likely to have you feeling fired up and enthusiastic early in the week. You may tend to be more irritable with family and those that you live with at this time though. Taking time out for creativity and broadening your horizons is likely to have you feeling excited late in the week.


Virgo - The VirginThe year starts off with you in top form, talking deep and meaningfully with everyone you meet. You are magnetic at the moment when it comes to getting your view across. Catching up with friends and spending quality time with those that you love, and being creative are what it is all about for you now. Some project relating to your home or family probably has you all revved up and excited about the new year.


Libra - The ScalesYou are likely to be in the spotlight in some way, and your career is likely to be a big part of your focus at this time. You may have some good news regarding finances in the early part of the week that has you feeling optimistic and invigorated about making more. Your home and family are still the main priority for you right now though, and midweek is likely to be an especially nice time for you. Discussions with your partner late in the week are likely to be interesting and quite possibly thought-provoking.


Scorpio - The ScorpionYou may start the new year with itchy feet; you are likely hankering for a bit more adventure in your life and you certainly have the energy and optimism to take off on a grand adventure if given the chance. However, you are likely to find that you have too many daily commitments and general running around to get away right now. This would be a great time to research and find the best deals to do so later in the year. Near the end of the week you may have some good news regarding finances that has you excited.


Sagittarius - The ArcherYou have likely been spending a lot more time of late, delving into what are considered deeper issues and this may be a time when you are able to release negative influences and thought beliefs that have kept you from being all that you would want to be. Money continues to be a major part of your focus at this time, and you may take steps that have you feeling more positive about them from midweek onward. You may find that you are able to express more of your creative side, or spend more time on things you love near the end of the week, and this is likely to have you feeling upbeat and excited about the new year.


Capricorn - The GoatFor many, relationships will play a part in this week with some breaking up and others deepening at this time. Some will need to re-evaluate how much they are giving to their relationships versus how much they are receiving. This week is very much about you; you are out and about and charming at this time but also viewed as someone who is eminently reliable and dependable as well. Late in the week, a discovery related to your home or family could really fire up your imagination.


Aquarius - The Water BearerThis has likely been a bit of a quiet time for you when you are taking time out to recharge your batteries for the year ahead. This is likely to be a great time to kick a bad habit or take up some new healthy ones. You may feel the need to get more organized in general, whether in your personal or work life. Work may feel like a drag at this time, but making small changes, whether actual or just in your mindset should help enormously. Catching up with friends near the end of the week is likely to have you feeling more your dynamic self.


Pisces - The FishThis is likely to be a time when you need and want to get out and have some fun. For those that are single, you may be feeling the lack of a partner at this time more than usual. You have lots of friends and others that are clamoring to spend time with you right now though, so don’t be tempted to sell yourself short. For some, romance may come via a friend group, or someone you meet at a group that you attend. The end of the week sees you ramped up and excited about making progress, and money, via the workplace.



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