Weekly horoscope 10 to 16 December 2018

Weekly Horoscope – 10 to 16 December 2018

There is not a real lot of activity happening in the skies at the moment. Well, of course, there is, but no significant aspects between the planets are happening during this coming week.

We have Mercury entering the sign of Sagittarius on the 12th. Then on the 16th, we have Venus sextile Saturn. Although this aspect won’t be exact until the end of the week, the effects will likely be felt from the 14th onward.

All times Central Standard Time (CST).

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Aries the Ram

You are more than ever likely than ever to be interested in broadening your horizons in some way at this time. Now the Mercury is out of its retrograde, now would be a great time to set some of those ideas into motion. Despite this, you are likely working hard and impressing others with loyalty, tact, and charm in the workplace. Rest up where you can, you are not as indestructible as you usually are, and next week is likely to be busier.


Taurus the Bull

Dealing with paperwork and issues related to shared finances, resources and intimacy are likely to dominate this week. Where matters have become bogged down and confused, you may now see some progress in these areas. Relationships do well especially near the end of the week, but you may feel a little more reserved and be playing it low-key. Plans to broaden your horizons are likely to have you feeling motivated as the week draws to a close and into next week.


Gemini the Twins

Relationships continue to be a major area of your time and attention this week. Delays and confusion in matters related to your partnerships and close friendships are likely to ease now. Your interactions with colleagues and clients are likely to be good this week as well. Near the end of the week, you are likely to be more ambitious and eager to start next week and implement some new plans.


Cancer the Crab

You may be eager to improve your health and fitness at this time. Any delays to doing so before this may seem to evaporate at this time. Relationships are likely to be good and may be moving into a new, more committed phase for some. As the week draws to a close, and into next week, you are likely to be excited about expanding your horizons in some way.


Leo the Lion

The fun continues for you at this time and you are likely doing a lot of planning for the upcoming holiday season. Any delays or garbled communications that you have experienced in relation to socializing, your children or creativity are likely to start moving forward again. Many will be looking to decorate or spruce their house at this time. As the weekend approaches, work will become a stronger focus for you.


Virgo the Virgin
Your home and family are still taking up a lot of your time and attention now and any plans to do with these matters that had to be shelved over the last few weeks may start to move forward somewhat now. Your relationships with your children and loved ones are likely to deepen at this time, although this may not be in an over the top demonstrative way. This is a great time to jot down creative ideas as your judgment is good and you have the necessary discipline to follow through on projects.


Libra the Scales

Communications, in general, are likely to start to improve and become clearer than they have been of late. Delays and mix-ups that have plagued you lately are likely to lessen now. Money matters, particularly in relation to your parents or other family members are likely to be good near the end of the week. The ability to transform your daily routines at home, perhaps in relation to a pet or your health as well, will probably have you excited as the week draws to a close.


Scorpio the Scorpion

Money matters will be very much on your mind at this time and early in the week. Delays and communication breakdowns in regards to financial matters or possessions should lessen from this week onward. This is a great time to look at how others see you and this may be an optimum time for a revamp of your wardrobe. As the week draws to a close and into next week, you are likely to feel energized about a creative project or about your children.


Sagittarius the Archer

You are very much in the spotlight at this time, and from the beginning of the week, you will have plenty to say too. If you have been looking to revamp your look or change how people view you in some way this week is when you might start to put those ideas into motion. Some may be involved in a hidden or secret relationship at this time. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an affair or clandestine, but that for now, it is out of the spotlight. Money matters, especially if related to your home or family are likely to have you feeling energized as the week draws to a close.


Capricorn the Goat

At this time, you are more likely to be taking a back seat to events and keeping your thoughts to yourself for now. Catching up with friends or networking with others is likely to be beneficial for you now. Your plans to be seen as an authority or in a more powerful light may have you eager to take up some study near the end of the week.



Aquarius the Water Bearer

The arena of your friendships and networking are highlighted at this time. If you have been waiting on hearing from an old friend or wanting to make a connection and been delayed or stymied in some way, you may find that this eases up now. In your career, you are seen in a good light, and you are likely to be working hard behind the scenes to make things happen.


Pisces the Fish

Your career and public reputation are very much in the spotlight at this time, and you are likely to increase communications and get your opinion across in this arena in some way. Networking with others, as well as study, or broadening your horizons in some way are featured from early in the week. Near the end of the week, you are likely to be excited about future plans and directions with regards to friends or groups that you are affiliated with.


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