Weekly horoscope for 11 to 17 September 2017

Weekly Horoscope – 11 to 17 September 2017

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Aries - The RamThose that are creative will likely find this a constructive and productive week. Those that are studying or travelling abroad at this time may find it a little trying initially but find that they emerge with a new sense of accomplishment and a fire in their belly to prove themselves. Relationships should be sweet at this time whether that is with a steady partner, a new love or your children. In the workplace you are likely to impress others with your drive and progress at this time.



Taurus - The BullMoney matters related to your home or family will likely have you making good, conservative decisions early in the week. You may feel that this is not a good thing, having to cut back somewhat on the things that you enjoy and your ability to indulge your loved ones but ultimately you are likely to feel a huge sense of satisfaction. While you may need to cut some expenses at this time, that does not limit what fun you have at this time, and your creativity is likely to be boundless at this time.


Gemini - The TwinsCommunication with your partner may take on a serious tone early in the week. This is a good time to reassess where you have been and where you are both headed. There may have been issues between your family and your partner at this time that may have left you feeling conflicted. You will likely be thinking and putting a lot more of your energy into your home and/or family at this time. You may need to watch what you say near the end of the week, as stress may make you utter something that you regret. Try instead of channel any excess energy into physical work around the home.


Cancer - The CrabWhile money has probably been quite good for you lately; early in the week you may find that you encounter a problem. This is likely related to your work. Money that has been forthcoming lately may now slow or stop, or you may find that you are expected to put in more effort to maintain the same level. This may make communication a little tense midweek, but you may ultimately find that it inspires you work hard and show them exactly what you are capable of. Communication in general may find you a little more aggressive than you realise.



Leo - The LionThe time may have come to make a decision regarding a lover, a child or a much-loved hobby or pastime. It may be that difficult decisions need to be made, but it is likely to lead to an improved situation in time. Money is very much on your mind at this time, and you will be working hard to accumulate what you can at this time. Communications are likely to be good this week, and you come across as charming to all.


Virgo - The VirginThere may be trouble brewing in the home or with family, parents in particular. You may feel hemmed in and like you are not free to do as you wish, and at this time you have a particular desire to do as you wish. At this time you have a lot of excess energy and determination to achieve your aims. Money from an outside source, may have you feeling excited near the end of the week.


Libra - The ScalesGood friends may be invaluable to you early in the week, particularly in relation to a situation regarding your home or family. You are likely to be feeling less energetic and less hopeful about problems in general. This is temporary and will pass. You may spend a lot of time going over old issues, unresolved problems and re-assessing what brought you to where you are now. Be kind to yourself, as kind as you are to others. Late in the week your partner is likely to bring you out of yourself a little and have you feeling excited and hopeful.


Scorpio - The ScorpionMoney should be particularly good for you at this time. You are also likely to be making good investments and decisions when it comes to money and possessions now. Nonetheless, you may still feel that this is not enough, that to really achieve what you want that you need more and you need it now! This is a time when your hopes and dreams are especially important to you. You throw your considerable might and energy into achieving what you want.



Sagittarius - The ArcherThose considering higher study or travelling overseas should find this a great time to do so. You may find your work a little too oppressive early the week, but this will pass. You have energy fit to burn and this is likely to be put to good use in the workplace. Networking with others should pay off well at this time. Friends and groups that you belong to are likely to be well disposed towards you. All work and no play make Sagittarius a dull person though, and the end of the week should bring something that really makes you sparkle.


Capricorn - The GoatThis is a time of year when you are likely to wish that you could travel or take up some higher education. You want to broaden your horizons in some way. You feel that there is something stopping you from doing what you want at this time. Could it be you that is stopping you? Your career is likely going well at this time. Time away to spread your wings is likely to have you come back more refreshed and restored. Money related to your home or family could have you excited over the weekend.



Aquarius - The Water BearerThe issue of your dreams and hopes may be broached with a partner early in the week. While not indulging any hare-brained schemes you may find that your partner is invaluable when it comes to working out just how to go about making your dreams a reality. For some it will be a friend that has some good advice regarding a relationship. Issues related to shared money or resources may raise their head mid-week. Some will find they have to spend a lot of time and energy this week and for a few weeks yet getting to grips with issues related to inheritances, loans and taxes. Communication with your partner looks fun and exciting late in the week.


Pisces - The FishYour career is likely to be going along well at this time. You are well liked and viewed by co-workers and as long as you put in the hard work, you are likely to find your efforts are rewarded – eventually. That is not to say that you may not have some opposition from a partner when it comes to putting in all these long hours at work. Relationships are extremely important to you at this time though, and you are not averse to working on any issues. You may need to watch your temper though, especially what you say near the end of the week, you are likely coming across more combative than you realise.



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