Weekly Horoscope 14 to 20 August 2017

Weekly Horoscope – 14 August to 20 August 2017

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Aries - The RamYou are in a party mood, you just want to be with those that you love and enjoy yourself. This may cause some issues related to your career or public reputation; in some way, you are likely to feel pulled and pushed in several directions. All things bright and shiny attract you at the moment, and you yourself are likely to feel that you are brimming over with ideas. While you feel energized by all the excitement, you also have the ability to harness and direct these ideas if you wish.



Taurus - The BullYou may need to exercise all the charm and grace that you can muster early in the week as it may seem that others are baiting you for the sake of argument at times. Your home life and family continue to be your main focus at this time and times spent with them are likely to be quite congenial and lots of fun. While all this is fun and games, at the back of your mind you likely have some interesting ideas you are just waiting for the right time to act on. You may find that extra money or resources related to your house are easier to find later in the week.


Gemini - The TwinsMoney matters may come to a head in some way early in the week. You may find that the time to pay the piper for all the fun and games you have been having, has come. Friends continue to excite and inspire you at this time. Your partner is likely to be a rock for you near the end of the week. Older issues related to your home or family may crop up again over the next few weeks. Some will be hearing from long lost relatives.


Cancer - The CrabYour relationship with your partner is likely to be quite intense early in the week. Issues related to your home or family may be a sticking point for some, for others that intensity will be channeled in a more seductive way. Money continues to be the main area of your focus at this time. Thankfully money via the workplace looks good at this time. You may find over the next three weeks that you need to factor in more time to allow for delays and detours when it comes to getting around your local neighborhood.



Leo - The LionWhat you do for others and what you receive in return may become preoccupying themes early in the week. While you are very good at expressing yourself, you may find that your over the top declarations don’t receive the reception you were expecting at this time. Some will be involved in secret romances at this time, and may find that not being able to share your love for this person with the world rather confining. You have a lot of energy at this time, and others are drawn to you. Make the most of this time, and if possible broaden your horizons in some way.


Virgo - The VirginYou may find yourself caught up in some tense situation with a friend early in the week. It may be that money, or the lack of it is at the heart of this situation. You should not have to feel guilty about taking time out for you and what makes you happy. You have likely been doing a lot of soul searching lately and have made some decisions that may not make you popular but are right for you. Money luck continues to look good for you at this time. Over the next three weeks you may be thinking about ways to revamp your look.


Libra - The ScalesCareer looks good at this time, although you may still be struggling to come to an effective work/life balance. You are in expansive mode at this time, you want to broaden your horizons and have great plans that you want to execute. Time spent with friends and groups that you belong to continues to play an important part in your life at this time. An exciting new romance, via a friend group may have you walking with an extra spring in your step near the end of the week.


Scorpio - The ScorpionCommunication may be strained early in the week. Your words carry a lot of impact now, so it pays to be careful of what you write or say. Career continues to go well for you at this time and you are likely to have the backing and support to carry out some revolutionary ideas at this time. Over the next three weeks, old friends may resurface and have you talking a walk down memory lane.



Sagittarius - The ArcherIssues related to money may bring intense encounters early in the week. The desire to get out and have fun with your friends is increased at this time, but may lead you to spending more than you intended. This is a great time to be traveling or taking up some form of study as you have the energy and enthusiasm to really enhance these experiences. Some may meet and fall for someone from a foreign country; some may meet a new partner in relation to higher education. Over the next three weeks, you may find yourself double checking your work, this is a good idea as it is easy to miss the finer points at the moment.


Capricorn - The GoatRelations between you and your partner are likely to be intense early on in the week. For some this will be a time to grow closer and more bonded, but for others issues related to trust and jealousy could raise their head. Money, especially resources that are shared with others or from others continues to be a source of a lot of your time and efforts. Many will be looking to expand their careers in some way. There may be some excitement around the home or family late in the week, quite likely this will be related to money in some way.



Aquarius - The Water BearerYou may need to watch what you think early in the week, just because it seems a certain way does not make it fact. This is a time where it is very easy to over-react, so a bit of caution is never a bad thing. You want to broaden your horizons at this time, either through travel or study. Relationships are very much a part of focus and you are lending a lot of energy towards them. You want to grow with your partner, and your partner is likely to be quite receptive to this at this time. Late in the week conversation with your partner could take an exciting new turn. Issues related to taxes, inheritances or loans may need you to go over the facts over the next 3 weeks.


Pisces - The FishThere may be some tension with friend early in the week, issues related to jealousy or money may be responsible for the fanning of these flames. Work continues to look good for you at this time and you are likely putting in a lot of hours there. The end of the week may bring an unexpected boost to your finances in some way. Over the next three weeks, expect to hear from exes.



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