Weekly horoscope 14 to 20 May 2018

Weekly Horoscope – 14 to 20 May 2018

The big news this week is Uranus moving into Taurus. Uranus relates to the unexpected, the unusual, and shocking events. Uranus shakes things up and can be rather unsettling for many. Uranus changes signs about every 8 years, so the last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1934 to 1942.

The week starts with Mars in Capricorn squaring Uranus in the last degree of Aries, before they both move into new signs on the 15th. Uranus will move into Taurus, where it will stay until it retrogrades into Aries from the 6th of November 2018. On the 6th of March 2019, Uranus will return to the sign of Taurus and be there for the next 7 years.

Mars meanwhile will move into Aquarius and will still be squaring Uranus. Jupiter will trine Neptune on the 17th, bringing a much-needed dose of tranquility to the week.

Mercury will trine Saturn on the 18th and Venus will sextile Uranus on the 19th. Also on the 19th,  Venus will enter the sign of Cancer. Finally, on the 20th, the Sun will move into Gemini. All times Central Standard Time (CST).

Please be aware that for best results you should read your Ascendant sign instead of your Sun (star) sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can find out by requesting a free natal chart.  You can also catch your horoscope on our YouTube Channel.

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Aries the RamInteractions with friends or with groups you are a member of may have an edge at this time. You may have some disputes regarding money or just find yourself feeling impatient and competitive with them in general. The latter part of the week is a great time to give serious consideration to how you will increase your finances and achieve your work goals. Time spent at home and with your family over the weekend will bring you a lot of joy and may have the buzz of some excitement around it. The pace of your days is likely to increase over the next month.


Taurus the Bull You may need to hold your tongue in the workplace midweek, as your need to assert your individuality may get the better of you. The next few months will have you putting a lot of time and effort into your career but you may come across as rather aggressive to others at times. Time spent with friends and your partner in the second part of the week is likely to provide a needed oasis of calm. If you are considering taking up higher study or embarking on an adventure of some sort, the latter part of the week is a good time to work out the details. Catching up with those in your local neighborhood, siblings, and cousins is likely to bring you a lot of joy over the weekend.


Gemini the Twins Midweek is not the time to try your luck, particularly when it comes to the law, publishing or higher education. Those dealing with people from overseas or from other cultures may also find that ingrained beliefs cause some tension at this time. Thankfully all looks good in the workplace for you and things are likely to be moving rather smoothly there now. The second part of the week is likely to be a good time to have a discussion regarding joint finances or possessions. The next month is a time when all eyes will be on you and you will be eager to put your best foot forward. Spending may be a little excessive at this time but you may find that you have some money luck during this period too.


Cancer the CrabYou may have some issues with friends or groups that you belong to in regards to joint possessions or finances midweek. Some will be looking overseas for inspiration, whether this is travel, love or just an appreciation for another culture or country. Discussions with your partner regarding your hopes and dreams is likely to be productive in the second part of the week. Time spent with friends over the weekend is likely to have you feeling upbeat and excited. The next month is a great time for you; you are looking good and others find you charming.


Leo the Lion You may find that your personal life encroached on your public life in some way midweek, and you could find yourself in some hot water if you are not careful. Time spent at home and with your family is likely to be the calm in the eye of your hurricane this week. The second part of the week is a great time to sit down and work out your strategy about work and career and how to get where you would like to be. Some excitement in the workplace could you have you all abuzz over the weekend. The next month will see you networking more and catching up with your friends.


Virgo the VirginThere may be some upset in your career, perhaps in relation to your views or beliefs midweek. Talking with your partner will bring you a feeling of calm and contentment in the latter part of the week. Plans you have in regard to your children, hobbies or adventure may benefit from you sitting down and evaluating your direction in the second part of the week. Adventure is on the cards for you at this time, and if you can rope a friend along for the ride, even better over the weekend. The next month will find you focusing more on career and your place in the world.


Libra the ScalesIssues related to sharing, whether your finances, possession or emotions could cause some problems for you midweek. Financially, you may benefit in some way via your work or work colleagues at this time. If you are looking to raise capital for your home or family at this time, the latter part of the week may be the time to sit down and work out your plan of attack. There may be some excitement in the workplace near the end of the week, and maybe even a romance in store for some. Over the next month, your spirit of adventure is accelerated.


Scorpio the ScorpionThere may be some upset midweek regarding your home or family and your partner. Taking time out to do what makes you feel fulfilled creatively or spending time with those that you love will help you feel better in the second part of the week. The latter part of the week is also a great time to have a serious heart to heart talk with your partner and clear the air. Your relationship may benefit from some change at this time, traveling, or planning some new adventure together is likely to have you both feeling more positive about your relationship.



Sagittarius the ArcherMidweek you may find that no matter what you say or do that you seem to upset others that you work with. Those that you work with may be unpredictable and hard to pin down, making this extremely hard for you to get a handle on. Spending time at home and with your family will bring you a sense of calm and belonging from midweek onward. Sitting down and working on how you can increase your income from the workplace should be productive for you in the latter part of the week. The next month will see you focusing more of your time on your relationships.


Capricorn the Goat Money may become a thorny issue for you midweek, particularly in relation to your loved ones, or a hobby or creative project you are involved with. Friends are likely to have you feeling more optimistic and upbeat about things in general in the second part of the week. Taking time out to strategize about how you can spend more time doing what you love with those that are special to you in the latter part of the week is likely to be productive. The weekend is a great time to get out and have some fun with your partner. The next month will see you more focused on your health and work.


Aquarius the Water BearerYou are likely to be seen as more aggressive and more of a go-getter at this time, and this may cause some problems for you in the home or with your family midweek. In the workplace, you may be able to use your creative talents in some way in the second part of the week. The latter part of the week is also a good time to sit and think about how you can improve your home or family relationships. Some excitement in your home, particularly to do with your day-to-day routines or health may have you feeling upbeat over the weekend. Over the next month, you will take more time out for socializing, creativity and spending time with those that you love.


Pisces the Fish You may find yourself doing a lot of reminiscing at this time, and what you think about may make you angry, so it would pay to watch your thoughts, particularly midweek. Many of you will be inspired at this time, particularly in relation to overseas places, cultures, and people in the second part of the week. If you have been having problems with a friend or a group that you are a member of, the latter part of the week may be a good time to clear the air somewhat. Talking with loved ones, or in relation to a sport or hobby you are involved with is likely to have you all abuzz with excitement over the weekend. The next month will see you having more involvement with your home and family.





  1. Yes…hi there I wondered if Y’all, could possibly do 2 free birth Chart’s?
    I wanted to see my children’s!
    I have studied the one you did for me. “Taniel Jones”
    A single mother who has Survived many hardships, and disappointing let downs!
    I am grateful for today, my wrong and my right decision to ask you for my chart, it was a blessing to me, thank you. I’m ready to check out the 2 single most important people God gave to me..
    I reached this place today on Mother’s day 2018…
    Happy Mother’s day too all those of you who took the time to Chart mine, and other moms too…I thank you

    Taniel Jones

    1. I would be more than happy to do so Taniel. Please send me their details to [email protected]. I will need their time, date and place of birth. Please spell out the month in full – I’m in Australia and we put the month after the day – writing it in full just helps make for less confusion. Please specify the state or province too.

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