Weekly horoscope 18 to 24 June 2018

Weekly Horoscope – 18 to 24 June 2018

The week starts with Neptune stationing retrograde on the 18th and moving into retrograde motion on the 19th until the 25th of November. Also on the 19th, we have Mercury making a trine to retrograde Jupiter. On the 20th Mercury moves on to trine Neptune.

On the 21st, we have Venus opposing Mars and the Sun changing signs into Cancer. The 21st is also the June solstice, the longest or shortest day of the year, depending on where you live.

On the 23rd, we have the Sun sextiling Uranus and Mercury opposite Pluto. All times Central Standard Time (CST).

Please be aware that for best results you should read your Ascendant sign instead of your Sun (star) sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can find out by requesting a free natal chart.  You can also catch your horoscope on our YouTube Channel.

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Aries the RamThis could be a great week to reach out to family or find some way to invest more into your home. Home is where the heart is and the early part of the week is likely to find you conversing more about your home, family, roots and this should be a good thing for the most part. The latter part of the week may find you throwing yourself into a creative project, socializing or a romance. There may be a pleasant surprise in store for you when it comes to finances or possessions at this time too. Late in the week, count your blessings, things are not likely to be as dire as you think and you may be prone to a little paranoia.


Taurus the Bull The early part of this week is a great time to have a deep and meaningful conversation with your partner, as you are both open and agreeable at this time. Take time to catch up with friends too, as they are especially likely to spark your creative imagination, especially early in the week. Simmering emotions in the workplace may arise in the second half of the week, could it be a bit of a unresolved sexual tension? Pay attention to what you consider hare-brained ideas late in the week, one of them may just have a spark of genius to them. Late in the week, try not to take differences of opinions too personally.


Gemini the Twins It’s all about money, possessions, and self-worth for you over the next month. The early part of the week is a great time to map out how you want to tackle your health and fitness goals and to bond with co-workers. Midweek may find you using your creative skills more in the workplace, and your hunches, in general, should be good at this time. Some will be looking to heat things up with those from another country or culture this week, just don’t let differences of opinion derail your calm. The end of the week may have you feeling unsure and unsettled regarding sharing, this may be in regard to finances or intimacy.


Cancer the CrabCreativity and having a good time are on the agenda early in the week. This would also be a great time to plan a get-away to somewhere romantic and beautiful. The latter part of the week may find you heating up your romantic partnership in some way. This is a time when you shine and people are eager to see and hear from you. Friends will come out of the woodwork and want to catch up with you late in the week. The end of the week may find some tense words with your partner, try not to read too much into what is said.


Leo the Lion You may have been keeping your thoughts to yourself lately and working on secret projects. You may find yourself confiding in a family member early in the week. Issues related to deep intimacy and sharing are likely to be on your mind very much in the first part of the week. The latter part of the week is likely to find you and your partner very emotional and passionate. Your ability to stay one step ahead of the competition at work is likely to be enhanced near the end of the week, especially if you continue to keep things to yourself. Take the time to rest and restore your energy as the week comes to an end.


Virgo the VirginThere is likely to be a lot of catching up with good friends in the early part of the week. In fact, time spent with friends, your partner and communications, in general, are all very well starred at this time. Your day to day routines are likely to be more frantic at this time and it is important that you are able to step back and find a place of peace also during all this excitement. Networking and friends will be where a lot of your focus will be over the next month. Exciting developments in regards to overseas ventures, higher learning or publishing may have you busy in the later part of the week. The end of the week may bring some strong emotions to the fore when it comes to creativity, friends, children or socializing.


Libra the ScalesMoney is likely to be good for you at this time and early in the week could see some increase via your career or a reward of some kind. Some may fall for a friend at this time or find love among groups that they belong to midweek. Your career is where you will be putting a lot of your time and attention into over the next month. Near the end of the week, your work/life balance may need some attention if you are to avoid stirring up trouble.


Scorpio the ScorpionHigher learning and overseas ventures may occupy a lot of your time and attention early in the week and should prove fun and be entertaining for you. Some may find love with someone from another country or culture at this time. Your creativity is likely to be high, particularly early in the week. In the workplace, you may need to watch that you do not become too invested in something, as emotions will be running high in the second half of the week. Getting away from it all, especially with your partner, would be ideal right now. If you can’t, finding a way to inject a bit of adventure into your lives will work just as well.



Sagittarius the ArcherA lot may be going on behind the scenes early in the week. Whatever these machinations may be about, they are likely to work well for you. Midweek, you may find yourself getting worked up about differences of opinion, for the luckier ones, this will be more a case of sexy banter. Issues related to shared resources and intimacy will take up more of your time over the next month. Late in the week, there may need to be a show of strength when it comes to inheritances, finances or other monies or possessions tied up with others.


Capricorn the Goat Communications, in general, will take up a lot of your time early in the week. Discussions with your partner, both business and romantic feature largely in the first part of the week, as well as with friends and children. Friends may be able to point you towards a lucky break and children are likely to keep you on your toes at this time. The latter part of the week may find you entering more passionate territory when it comes to your emotions. Relationships are going to take more of a center stage in your life over the next month, and are likely to have an air of excitement about them.


Aquarius the Water BearerThis is likely to be a great week for you when it comes to money and self-worth, especially early in the week. Your relationship with your partner may heat up in the second half of the week, hopefully for the better. In any case, the sparks should certainly be flying. Over the next month, your attention turns towards your health and fitness, this would be a great time to take up good habits or banish a bad one. Don’t let hidden fears or limitations stop you from achieving what you want at this time, try not to listen to any negative self-talk.


Pisces the Fish This is likely to be a fun time for you, especially early in the week. You are likely to be doing a lot more socializing and romancing over the next month. Your creativity is likely to be strong early in the week. Many will be itching to set out on an adventure at this time too, but you are likely a little too exhausted for this so why not take the time to plan at this time. The end of the week may bring to a head some issues related to friends or groups that you belong to. You may be overly cynical or paranoid at this time, try to keep to the issues.





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