Weekly horoscope 25 June to 1 July 2018

Weekly Horoscope – 25 June to 1 July 2018

The big news this week is Mars turning retrograde. This will mean that Mars joins Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto in what looks to us from earth as backward motion.

The week starts with Venus squaring retrograde Jupiter on the 25th. Also on the 25th, Mars stations in direct motion, before stationing retrograde on the 26th.

On the 27th Mars starts its retrograde motion at 9° Aquarius. Mars will retrograde back until August 28th and will get as far back as 28°  Capricorn. The shadow period for this retrograde Mars period is from 12th May until 8th October.

Also on the 27th, we have the Full Moon (known as the Strawberry Moon) at 6° Capricorn. On the 29th, Mercury enters the sign of Leo. We finish up the week with Mercury square Uranus on the 30th of June. All time Central Standard Time (CST).

Please be aware that for best results you should read your Ascendant sign instead of your Sun (star) sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can find out by requesting a free natal chart.  You can also catch your horoscope on our YouTube Channel.

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Aries the RamThe week starts with you really out to have a good time, and there is a danger of overdoing things at this time, particularly when it comes to your finances. Work may also present some drama in the first part of the week. You may not be feeling on top at this time, but persevere, better times are coming. Over the next few months, your relationships with friends and groups that you belong to may seem to come to a stop or get bogged down in details. You may also be reassessing your hopes and dreams during this time as well. Try to use the next few months as a chance to work out what makes you happy and marry that with your need to be part of a group.


Taurus the Bull The early part of the week may have you feeling like you are taking on too much when it comes to your family and/or your partner. You may feel like you are being pulled in both directions and that you can not and are not giving your best to either of them. Getting your point across is likely to be a big issue midweek and you may feel like you are just not being heard. The next two months are likely to have you wrestling with these very issues related to your work/life balance and you should be able to come to some constructive way forward by the end of August.


Gemini the Twins Communications in the workplace may have you feeling excited and enthusiastic at the beginning of the week, just try not to bite off more than you can chew at this time. Money issues may also be causing some headaches midweek with you feeling the pinch at this time. The desire to travel or to learn more in general, or about a different culture or country in particular, may be strong over the next few months. You have the gift of the gab at this time (even more so than usual), don’t let negative self-talk get you down.


Cancer the CrabThe urge to splurge your cash will be strong in the early part of the week, particularly when it comes to socializing, creativity and your children. There could be some tension in your main relationship midweek, with you both finding it difficult to come to an agreement. Over the next few months, you are likely to be revisiting topics to do with sharing, whether this is finances, possessions or emotions. A friend may surprise you with their point of view late in the week, it may seem completely out of left field but may be just what you need to hear too.


Leo the Lion Early in the week, your family and issues related to real estate or your home may have you feeling drained. This is a time of year when you need more rest than usual, and it won’t take much to have you feeling under the weather and drained at this time. Over the next few months, you will be reassessing your relationships, particularly with your partner. Your needs versus your partners, and where and what the boundaries are in your relationships will be very much on your mind during these next few months.  The end of the week sees a verbal tug of war in the workplace, try to keep the peace if you can.


Virgo the VirginI hate to say this, but are you thinking too much about the past and not enough on the future, and just how bright it is looking? The early part of the week may have you focusing more on where you have come from than where you are heading. Children may be troublesome and all the fun may have suddenly seemed to have evaporated, but it won’t last forever. Over the next few months, you may find yourself worrying more about your health and fitness levels. If you can get your head in the right space, everything else, including your health is likely to fall into place.


Libra the ScalesThe first part of the week is likely to have you catching up with friends more, but you may find yourself regretting spending so much later on. Tension in the home may be the main feature midweek, with work taking up so much of your time and any spare time seeming to have vanished altogether. What you do for fun, who you socialize with and for some, expanding your family may be very much on your mind over the next few months. What your hopes and dreams are will become much more important to you and hopefully, you will have some resolution near the end of August.


Scorpio the ScorpionWhile you are still golden in the workplace, and with parents and authority figures, you may find that you are focusing a little too much on your partner early in the week, to the detriment of all else. Midweek may find you flexing your opinions and not everyone will be appreciative of it. Over the next two months, you are likely to be revising issues related to your home and family. By the end of August, you are likely to have a better idea of where and how you want to live and whom you consider family.



Sagittarius the ArcherYour thirst for adventure is likely to be strong early in the week, just make sure that you have all that you need to in place before you go chasing your next big thrill. Money matters may still be giving you headaches, and midweek may prove a tough time when it comes to finances. The next few months may find you more introspective than usual, and many will find themselves taking up some higher study of some kind. By the end of August, you should have a better idea of what direction you want to go in.


Capricorn the Goat Friends may have you spending with wild abandon early in the week, but you are likely to quickly put that to rights again. Midweek may bring about a discussion with a partner, and one that is not so easy to compromise on. Over the next two months, issues related to sharing, whether that be money, possessions or intimacy are likely to be very much on your mind. Clarity will come, but not before a lot of toing and froing first. The end of August should find you feeling more secure and happy with the decisions you have made in these areas.


Aquarius the Water BearerThe desire to get out with your partner and be seen is likely to be strong early in the week, but you may find that you have too much of a good thing quickly enough. Your health and fitness are very much on your mind at this time, and it could be that something hidden or from the past is stopping you from achieving the results that you want. Over the next two months, you will be evaluating your relationships more and what you give and get in return. Issues related to boundaries and autonomy are likely to be under consideration. By the end of August, you should be feeling more sure about the direction that your relationships are heading.


Pisces the Fish Are you burning the candle at both ends? This could certainly be the case early in the week. Midweek may have you not seeing eye to eye with a friend or with a group that you are affiliated with. Over the next two months, taking care of your health, both physical and emotional will be more important. You may be looking at different ways of nurturing yourself during this time and the end of August should hopefully find you in a stronger and healthier space,



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