Weekly horoscope 25 to 31 December 2017

Weekly Horoscope – 25 to 31 December 2017

Happy holidays for those that are celebrating today. Regardless of whether you are celebrating a holiday or not – may you have a happy and safe time.

The main aspects this week are Venus conjunct Saturn on the 25th and Mars trine Neptune on 27th of the month. Mercury turned direct at the end of last week, so things should start to run more smoothly now, but we are still in the shadow period until January 11, so you may still experience some hiccups.

Please be aware that for best results you should read your Ascendant sign instead of your Sun (star) sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can find out by requesting a free natal chart.  You can also catch your horoscope on our YouTube Channel.

Wondering what the recent passage of lucky Jupiter into Scorpio means for you? Check here to see where Jupiter will bring good fortune until November 2018.

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Aries - The RamTry to make the most of any holiday season that you are having – as your chart shows a lot of focus on career and public reputation at this time. For some, this may actually manifest as a deeper commitment in love (engagement, wedding etc). For those looking to get away at this time, your travels should be more or less trouble-free (although with the Mercury retrograde shadow period there could still be some hiccups until January 11 or so).


Taurus - The BullYou may be making careful decisions regarding where you want to go from here. Maybe you are considering taking up study in the new year to assist you with your career ambitions, or maybe you just want to get out and see more of the world. Those that have been waiting for money from others (lending institutions, wills, partners) may find that things start to move forward more at this time.


Gemini - The TwinsMoney and possessions, particularly those shared with others such as a partner are very much on your mind at this time. Where discussions with a partner have stalled previously you may find now that things start to gain some forward momentum. However, it may be until January 11 before you see some real movement. A project at work may prove particularly suited for your talents.


Cancer - The CrabRelationships are very much your focus at this time and it may be that yours is taken to the next level early in the week. Your health should improve at this time too and you may find that adopting a particular mindset helps in some way. This is sure to be a very active time for you, with lots of time spent on the things you love; friends, romance, children and creative projects.


Leo - The LionEarly in the week may have you thinking about getting a jump-start on any New Year’s resolutions regarding your health and fitness. You may be thinking about investing more resources in your home or family in some form at this time too. The area of fun, children, romance,  and creativity may move forward in some way at this time too, although you may need to wait until January 11th to see any real progress in these areas.


Virgo - The VirginWhat a fun time you are likely to be having this week. There may be some somber or subdued moments early in the week, perhaps missing those that are no longer with you, or it could be that this is the week that a romance moves onto the next level. Discussions with your partner may really spur you on in some way midweek; if they have faith in you, why shouldn’t you have faith in yourself?


Libra - The ScalesHome is where the heart is this week, and some big decisions may be being made about your home and family, particularly early in the week. If communications, in general, have been somewhat garbled of late, you may find that things improve at this time. Money continues to be good for you at this time, and 2018 looks to be a very good year for you financially.


Scorpio - The ScorpionThe early part of the week may be a little hectic at this time, with lots of rushing around and trying to communicate with others. Some may seem a little reserved or cool for your liking, but it is unlikely to be anything personal. Matters related to money and possessions are likely to free up this week. If you find that you are still facing delays, you may need to wait until January 11th before you are able to really get to grips with matters.


Sagittarius - The ArcherYou may find yourself feeling a bit deflated in some way early in the week. If so, it would do you good to remember that you are likely your own worst critic at this time. Matters related to money and possessions are likely to preoccupy you at this time. Look within for inspiration, your mood is likely to improve as the week progresses and you are eager to share your thoughts with everyone.


Capricorn - The GoatYou are likely to be in your element at this time. All eyes are likely to be upon you now, and you rise to any challenge presented to you. Later in the week you make more time for friends and are likely to be chatting up a storm with them. Listen closely, if you are feeling a little lackluster, you may find that you have more cheerleaders willing and eager to encourage you than you realize.


Aquarius - The Water BearerThis is likely to be a low-key time of the year for you. Yes, no doubt you are involved in the celebrations of the season, or just catching up with friends, but you are not as fully revved up and charged as you usually are. Early in the week is a time when you may be reviewing the past year and making plans for where you would like to be this time next year. You have a lot of ambitious plans for 2018 and with Jupiter in your 10th house of career and public reputation, this very well may be your year coming.


Pisces - The FishFriends are very much on your mind and in your life at this time. Networking events are also likely to be very much to your advantage at this time too. If events at work have been put on the back-burner because of the season, or other reasons, you may find that things start to move forward now. Many of you will have plans for travel, studying or broadening your horizons and world-view in some way in the following year.



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