Weekly Horoscope – 27 January to 2 February 2020

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All times given are Central Standard Time (CST).

The transits below are set for Central Standard Time (CST)

Monday 27th January

We start the week off with the waning effects of the Venus square Mars aspect from late last week.

Venus is now moving ahead to cojoin (conjunct) Neptune, and Mars is catching up to make a square to Neptune.

So where we had some contention (Mars) with regards to relationships and values (Venus), we can now throw in some confusion and perhaps even some deceit (Neptune). There is also the possibility of the Neptune influence draining or dissolving some of the energy and get up and go of Mars. 

This aspect will be in effect for most of the day, and night. Some relief may be evident in the Moon sextile Jupiter aspect in the early evening which lightens the mood somewhat and may have some eager to take on new challenges. 

Tuesday 28th January 

In the early hours, the Mars square Neptune aspect is getting closer to being exact, as the Moon comes up to conjoin Neptune and square Mars. This brings emotions into what is potentially an already confusing and energy-zapping time. 

A few hours later, the Moon moves on to conjoin Venus, who is moving further away from the influence of Neptune. While the tension of the Mars square Neptune aspect is still ongoing, this perhaps will give us a small moment of peace in the early morning hours to reorient ourselves. 

Late afternoon and early evening, the Moon moves up to sextile Pluto, making us feel more powerful and in control of matters. A few hours later, the Moon moves up to sextile Saturn which should bring some stability and stamina to proceedings. 

Wednesday 29th January 

Early morning the Moon moves into the sign of Aries. We are more revved up emotionally and interested in getting things done. 

The rest of the day is pretty quiet when it comes to aspects between the different planets. The Mars square Neptune aspect is separating and by early evening, Mars will have moved beyond the square to Neptune. 

Thursday 30th January 

In the very early hours, the Moon moves up to form a sextile to the Sun. This is a nice aspect that has us usually feeling pretty good about ourselves. 

The good feelings continue but might get a bit inflated and over he top mid-morning when the Moon goes on to square enthusiastic Jupiter

Mid-evening the Moon moves up to trine Mars and we are fired up and emotionally driven to put our energy into something. 

Friday 31st January 

Early morning the Moon moves up to square first Pluto and then Saturn. This can have us feeling emotionally intense and perhaps drained. We may feel like we have to bend to the will of others and power plays may well be a part of this. 

Late morning the Moon making a sextile to Mercury in quick thinking and innovative Aquarius is likely to have us feeling more positive and more able to tackle problems. 

Early evening, the Moon moves into the sign of Taurus. For the rest of the night, the Moon will spend its time moving closer to its conjunction to Uranus. New and innovative ways of looking at matters, particularly emotional matters are likely to appeal now. 

Saturday 1st February

Just after midnight, the Moon moves up to conjoin Uranus

Venus spends most of the day moving up to sextile Pluto but this aspect will not be exact until the early hours of the 2nd. 

The effects of Venus sextile Pluto will be felt for most of the 1st though. Powerful emotions, more likely positive, are to be expected. There may be strong moments of feeling connected to others or our own values. 

Mid Evening, the Moon will square the Sun, which may cause some minor discomfort or feeling of tension, but this will soon pass. 

Late evening, the Moon moves up to trine Jupiter, a lovely ending to the night, with most feeling upbeat and positive. 

Sunday 2nd February 

The early hours of Sunday morning the Moon moves on to sextile Neptune. This leaves many with a dreamy, content feeling. Intuition may be more finely attuned at this time. 

Late afternoon, early evening, the Moon makes a trine to Pluto and is close enough to make a sextile to Venus. The Venus sextile Pluto aspect has moved past being exact and is waning, but still in effect. This is a lovely ending to the week, feeling that we have some control of our lives, and feeling good emotionally with regards to relationships and values. 


The start of the week is likely to be a bit difficult for most of us. In your case, there may be hidden information that you are not aware of that leaves you feeling confused and possibly upset in regards to religion, philosophy, higher education or other countries and cultures. The weekend is likely to be a lot nicer, and could involve a romantic encounter with someone you work with. 


Dealing with friends may be confusing and disorientating at times, especially in the first half of the week. Matters to do with shared finances or resources may have you feeling agitated as well. The weekend is a more upbeat time and you may find yourself romantically involved with a good friend, someone you know through friends or that has links to higher education, or is from another culture or country. 


The workplace may be confusing and frustrating early in the week. There may be a certain amount of disinformation or even outright deception involved. Try not to let trouble in the workplace affect your relationships at home though. The weekend looks much nicer and you may find yourself feeling like you are appreciated or in the spotlight in some way. 


Discussing politics, religion or beliefs in general may be a recipe for disaster early in the week. You would do much better to put any energy into improving your health and fitness. You may find that early in the week you may feel a little drained and not really up to tackling too much though. The end of the week looks much more positive. Learning something new or expanding your horizons in some way, is likely to pay dividends in romantic situations. 


Matters to do with shared resources, inheritances, taxes, insurances etcetera are likely to be hard to decipher early in the week. In any case, you are likely to be much more interested in pursuing something fun at this time anyway. Over the weekend, getting your house in order, especially when it comes to finances and possessions is likely to have you feeling pretty good about yourself. 


Confusion and miscommunications with your partner or good friends is likely midweek, and could lead to fights in the home if allowed to escalate. The weekend however, looks so much nicer and more romantic. Get out and do something fun with those that you love. 


Interactions with those that you work with, or daily routines may cause some angst early in the week. Getting your point across may seem like a huge hurdle and that it only results in miscommunications or even as you being perceived as being overly aggressive. The weekend is a good time to take time out with those close to you in your own home.


The early part of the week may see some confusion or miscommunications when it comes to your children, a lover or an event or situation that gives you joy. There may well be financial matters involved in this that are blurring the boundaries somewhat and adding to the confusion. The weekend is a great time to kiss and makeup with others and to spend time with people you love and doing what you love most. 


Family matters, or matters to do with your home may cause some upsets and confusion in the early part of the week. It may be that you are eager to move ahead with projects or events, but family or domestic matters may need attention. The weekend is likely to be a much better time to tackle matters concerned with your home or family as others are likely to be more energetic and enthused at this time. 


Your thinking may not be as clear as you would like early in the week. Miscommunications and an inability to pin down matters may cause headaches and some anxiety. The weekend is likely to be a much more productive and upbeat time for you. 


Money matters may be confusing and hard to pin down early in the week. This could cause some problems or be related in some way to groups that you belong to or your friends. Over the weekend, you are likely to be feeling more in control and at peace with financial concerns. 


Others may find you hard to understand early in the week. You may find this particularly frustrating for you in regards to your career or public reputation in some way. The weekend is a much more upbeat and fun time, and time spend with friends is likely to enhance this. 

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