Weekly horoscope 28 May to 3 June 2018

Weekly Horoscope – 28 May to 3 June 2018

We start the week with the retrograde Jupiter trine Neptune still in effect. On the 29th, we have the Full Moon (known as the Flower Moon) at 8° Sagittarius.

Also on the 29th, Mercury enters the sign of Gemini. On the 1st of June, we have Mercury trining Mars, and then Venus trining retrograde Jupiter.

We finish the week with Venus trining Neptune on the 2nd of June. All times Central Standard Time (CST).

Please be aware that for best results you should read your Ascendant sign instead of your Sun (star) sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can find out by requesting a free natal chart.  You can also catch your horoscope on our YouTube Channel.

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Aries the RamYou may feel a little restless early in the week, eager to traipse off on an adventure. However, there are still so many day-to-day things you need to achieve, in fact, the tempo of your day to day communications are likely to increase over the next month. Friends may be a great help midweek, particularly if you have been looking for the solution to a problem. Money or assistance you have been looking for with regard to your home or family may become available the second half of the week. Over the weekend you are likely to be more of a homebody than usual and to thoroughly enjoy it.


Taurus the Bull Money matters are likely to be very much on your mind early in the week. This is likely to be a good time for you at work, and many will find that they can increase their income in some way at this time. Your relationships, business as well as romantic, are likely to be going well at this time with harmonious and generous feelings all around. Over the weekend, time spent with friends is likely to be lots of fun, but if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Gemini the Twins How you balance your need for autonomy with the need to nurture your closest relationships is likely to be very much on your mind at this time. Your thirst for adventure is strong at this time and if you cant get away, taking up some form of study or just learning more, in general, may help to settle your wanderlust a little. You are likely to be a bit more indulgent with yourself and your loved ones when it comes to buying items at the moment. You may be the recipient of some extra money via your career at this time, but try not to bank on it before it actually appears.


Cancer the CrabEarly in the week, you may find yourself feeling restless at work. This is also a great week to take up some form of health and fitness plan. It may that you have been feeling run down for the past week or more and that taking time to make sure that you are being kind to yourself and treating yourself right will go a long way now. Your creativity is likely to be high at this time and you are charm personified when it comes to mixing with friends and loved ones.


Leo the Lion Your creative side may be calling out to you to be expressed in some way at this time. This is also a time when you may have some issues with your children or a loved one early in the week. Over the next month, you will be mixing more with friends and networking to advance yourself in the workplace. Your home and family are extremely important to you at this time and it could be that you are able to overcome old issues in relation to intimacy or finances this week.


Virgo the VirginEarly in the week, you may find yourself trying to keep all the balls up in the air when it comes to balancing your home life and work commitments. Work is not likely to let up anytime soon, in fact, that tempo of your days is likely to increase for the foreseeable future. What you do have at your disposal though is a great support network of friends, partner, and family to help keep you on an even keel.



Libra the ScalesEarly in the week you may feel pushed and pulled in all directions as everyone wants to talk to you or get your opinion on something. All this at a time when you are likely just wanting to jet off somewhere different and escape it all. This is a good time for those that are in creative fields and if so you may find that your latest offerings meet with a larger audience than you first anticipated. Work is likely to be going very well for you at this time and some will benefit financially from this at this time.


Scorpio the ScorpionEarly in the week may be a little tense as you navigate issues related to sharing, whether that be finances, possession or intimacy. A family member may be instrumental in giving you some good advice in regards to these matters. Your creativity is high at this time and the latter part of the week finds you in a benevolent and generous mood. For those that are not partnered, romance may be found far from home.



Sagittarius the ArcherThe first part of the week may find you needing a bit more “me” time and feeling any restrictions in relationships more than normal. This is likely to ease off significantly after midweek. Communicating with your partner is likely to go well in the latter part of the week and you should be able to come to some constructive decisions together. Your home and family life should be wonderful over the weekend and have you feeling good about yourself.


Capricorn the Goat The early part of the week is likely to find you needing some alone time to process all that you have been through lately. Money may have been a concern for some and if so, the latter half of the week is likely to have you feeling more positive about the situation. The second half of the week is also a great time for relationships with your partner and your friends. Friends will help your dream big at this time and romantic partners will have you feeling on cloud nine.


Aquarius the Water BearerIf you have been playing the hermit lately, that may all be about to change early in the week. Suddenly, people will be wanting your time and attention. In fact, the next month as a whole sees you mixing more with friends and loved ones, exploring creative projects and just having fun. Career also looks good for you in the second half of the week in particular. You are charming in the workplace and rewards may be in store for some of you.


Pisces the Fish Early in the week you may find yourself in the spotlight in some way in your career. There may be a strong need for you to step up to the plate in the workplace at this time. Take the time to get enough rest and recharge your batteries, as your energy levels are easily depleted at this time. The second half of the week is much more exciting, with fun times with friends, adventure and creative outlets taking up the lions share of your time.





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