Weekly horoscope 3 to 9 December 2018

Weekly Horoscope – 3 to 9 December 2018

This week we start off with the Sun square Mars on the 3rd. On the 5th, the Sun goes on to square Neptune.

On the 6th, Mercury stations direct, and will resume forward motion again on the 7th. The retrograde shadow period is still in effect until the 24th of December.

On the 7th, we have a New Moon at 15° Sagittarius. Also on the 7th, Mars will be conjunct Neptune.

All times Central Standard Time (CST).

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Aries the Ram

Early in the week, you may find yourself in a disagreement with someone, and this may be related to your beliefs or world-view. You may find this rather challenging, and a few days later find yourself at a bit of a crossroads, wondering whether you are indeed wrong. Midweek, things related to shared finances and intimacy may start to move forward again. As the week closes, you may find yourself wanting to further your horizons in some way, whether this is through travel, education or exposing yourself to new things.


Taurus the Bull

This week you may find yourself at loggerheads with friends or those you know from groups that you belong to. The issues at the heart of these problems are likely to be related to finances, possessions or issues of intimacy and self-worth. In your partnerships, whether they be business or personal, any delays and mix-ups may seem to clear somewhat as the week nears its end. The weekend may see you putting in new systems in relation to your shared investments and resources. This may set you up to take more chances when it comes to chasing your dreams and have you inspired about group activities.


Gemini the Twins

There are likely to be pros and cons to your time at work or in the spotlight in some way this week. Early in the week, you may find that you are challenged in some way, not necessarily outright though. The atmosphere may remain a little foggy but have you feeling out of sorts. Near the end of the week, any issues are likely to dissipate in some way and have you feeling rather optimistic and idealistic about career direction. You are likely to find that there is a feeling of momentum starting up again when it comes to your interactions with co-workers or in regards to your health.



Cancer the Crab

Issues related to travel, higher education, philosophy or world-view may have you in hot water in some way early in the week. It could be that you find yourself in disagreement with a co-worker in relation to one of these topics. When it comes to matters relating to children, creativity or fun activities, you may find that the end of the week brings a feeling of making some real traction again. Over the weekend is a great time to look at your health and fitness goals as you should be more motivated then.


Leo the Lion

Finances and possessions may cause some friction early in the week. This may be related to your children, a lover or in relation to a hobby or socializing in some way. Matters related to your home or family that have been stalled lately may seem to pick up some steam as the week comes to an end. New approaches and enthusiasm related to shared resources may have you feeling more positive and idealistic as the week comes to an end. This is likely to leave you with new plans regarding creativity, children, or things that you do for fun.


Virgo the Virgin

There may be a bit of trouble in paradise for those of you with partners early in the week. You may find that issues related to your home or family are at the crux of these matters. The latter part of the week may see communications opening up and plans moving forward after feeling stuck for a while. Over the weekend, your relationship with your partner is likely to have you smiling again. New plans for family and your home are also likely to take up a lot of your thoughts over the weekend.


Libra the Scales

Early in the week, your relationship with those you work with may feel a little strained. This is likely to be down to communications in general. Money matters may start to move forward near the end of the week, after feeling stalled lately. As the weekend approaches, you may find yourself feeling more idealistic and motivated regarding work and your daily routines. You may also find yourself more interested in learning and pick up new skills at this time. Another feature may be that you feel more of a need to be more active in your local community.


Scorpio the Scorpion

Early in the week, you may find yourself in disagreement with others in relation to finances and what you do for fun. This could also be related to your children or other loved ones. As the week progresses, you may find yourself feeling more like you have regained your voice in some way. Lately, you may have felt hamstrung when it came to getting your point across, but this is coming to an end. The weekend sees you excited about social plans, events related to your children and those that you enjoy spending time with. Over the weekend is also an excellent time to see about getting your financial matters in order.


Sagittarius the Archer

There may be trouble on the home-front early in the week, and you may find yourself butting heads with family or in regards to your home. Not to despair though, the end of the week has you feeling much more enthusiastic and fired up about plans to do with your home and relations with family members are likely to be vastly improved then. The weekend has you thinking more about your image and how others perceive you. You may be looking to revamp your appearance or how you project your image in general.


Capricorn the Goat

Communications may seem to be a minefield early in the week. It may seem to be no matters what you say you offend someone or provoke a reaction. There is the possibility though that you are misreading signals at this time. In the latter part of the week, matters related to your hopes and dreams, or friendships are likely to start moving forward after feeling somewhat stagnated lately. Over the weekend, take time to rest and recharge if possible.


Aquarius the Water Bearer

Money matters may be at the heart of any disagreements or tensions early in the week. This may be related to friends, groups or your hopes and dreams. Career matters may seem to get back on track near the end of the week, after feeling somewhat stuck lately. The weekend is likely to have you feeling more proactive regarding finances and possessions. New plans in relation to your ambitions or friendships are likely as the week draws to a close.


Pisces the Fish

Early in the week, you may find yourself pushing back when it comes to work matters or your public reputation. Matters relating to higher education, travel or overseas matters are likely to start to move forward in the latter part of the week, after feeling bogged down lately. As the week draws to a closer, you may be excited about overhauling your look in some way, or changing the way that others perceive you. New plans for how to achieve your career goals will likely preoccupy you over the weekend.

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