Weekly Horoscope – 30 October to 5 November 2017

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Aries - The RamRelationships and how they affect your self esteem, and issues related to sharing are likely to be big themes this week. You may not be seeing everything that you should at this time when it comes to shared resources and how other people relate to you. You are likely to be focusing on long harbored beliefs and behavior patterns rather than looking at what is actually presented at times. You are a little up and down at this time, hard to gauge and may even seem erratic to partners at times. Take heart, you should find some stability and an outlet for a lot of these emotions near the end of the week.



Taurus - The BullRelationships have been very much in your main frame, and will continue to do so, but you may find yourself taking a step back and reclaiming a bit of yourself at this time. Looking after your physical health should be easier and have you feeling good about the skin you are in. Beware of what you hear about your relationships or partner this week from friends, as they are not the ones living with the results. Work should go well this week for you too, all in all a pretty good week.


Gemini - The TwinsWork and your health are top priorities this week. There are still fun times to be had and those that have recently started a romantic relationship may find that it has progressed to the next level this week. At work you are visionary and creative and able to utilize this to great effect. Friends may leave you a little puzzled at times, but you likely will not take too much time worrying about this. You need some alone time to decompress and sort through what has been a stressful few months.


Cancer - The CrabFun times are ahead at this time; exploring your creative side, reconnecting with friends and networking events are all likely to be positive at this time. Time spent family and in the home are likely to be good and you may find that you are able to streamline and be more efficient in your day to day routines. Work may throw you a curveball sometime this week and you may look into being able to work from home or have a better work/life balance.



Leo - The LionHome and family are the focal points of your life at this time. You are also likely to be doing a lot of running around, taking care of errands and catching up with those in your local neighbourhood. Issues related to shared money and resources may be a little cloudy near the end of the week. Your views may come across to others as being a little extreme at this time. You are likely itching to strut your stuff in some way near the end of the week. Whether this is in relation to your career or in some arena that puts you before the public, you are looking to shine at this time.


Virgo - The VirginMoney matters regarding your children, a sport or a hobby that you are involved with may have you redoing your budget early in the week. You are likely very busy running around and taking care of errands for everyone at this time. Time spent with your partner is likely to be dreamy and idyllic at this time. Issues related to shared resources and finances may get a shake up near the end of the week. Take what time you can near the end of the week to allow a bit of big picture dreaming. Book a holiday away or look into studying a new subject, you are likely feeling like you are just someone’s errands boy/girl.


Libra - The ScalesYour energy levels are likely to be increasing and you are charm personified at this time. You have the necessary level of gravitas when necessary and people are paying attention. Money matters are very much on your mind at this time and are likely to be going very well for you. Colleagues may be a little flaky near the end of the week, take on board what they are telling you, but do not take it as gospel. Your need to rock the relationship boat may bring you some uncomfortable moments near the end of the week. Issues related to sharing and bonding with others is likely to be on your mind at this time and for the next few weeks.


Scorpio - The ScorpionYou are all about getting out and about and exploring your world at this time. Money may give you a few headaches early in the week, but you have the ability to keep a steady hand in this regard. There may be something you are not quite seeing in regards to children, hobbies or creative outlets at this time. Some upset in regards to your health or your work relationships may have you pondering if this is a problem that has its roots way back. Your relationship with your partner may need some adjusting at this time.



Sagittarius - The ArcherYou may have found yourself taking more of a back seat lately to recharge your batteries, but there are still plenty of opportunities to mix with friends and network. When it comes to networking, you are likely to make a charming yet capable impression. Issues related to your childhood or family may have you doubting yourself late in the week. Your need to express yourself and have some fun may cause you to upset the apple cart in some way near the end of the week. Your health and daily routines are likely to be something that you are more interested in focusing on in the next few weeks.


Capricorn - The GoatThis is a time where you are likely to be out and about mixing with friends and networking with movers and shakers. Just be aware that something you hear via a friend or through the water cooler may not be 100 percent correct. Speaking of career, you are likely throwing a lot of energy into your tasks and receiving lots of approval from those that matter. The need to get away from work, to relax, and indulge creative and fun pursuits is likely to be strong at the end of the week.



Aquarius - The Water BearerCareer is likely to be doing extremely well for you at this time. Many will be taking the opportunity to take up study to further their career prospects, while others will be looking to get away to somewhere exotic. It is possible that networking with others overseas or via the internet will prove to be quite lucrative for some. It would be best not to count any chickens before they hatch at this time though. You may need to watch how you communicate with others this week, as you may be a lot more controversial than you intend. Home and family become a sharper focus for your attention over the next few weeks.


Pisces - The FishCareer responsibilities are likely to be paying off in some way this week. When it comes to shared finances and resources though, you may be in for a shock upset this week. While you are likely to be putting a lot of your time and focus on learning new skills, taking up study or planning where you would like to jet off to next; you may find yourself more tied up on the home front carrying out domestic errands and such.




    1. Hello Taniel. I think you are a member of my newsletter (born in Oklahoma on the 15th of December?)- so I just went to have a look at your natal chart.

      If so, you are looking for planets in your 5th and 7th houses. Saturn in either of those houses could be a bit of a downer though (see my article on what the planets mean for more information about that).

      You would also be looking for contacts to the planets that rule your 5th and 7th houses – there are ways to look at that, both via transits (where the planets are at a certain time compared to where the planets were when you were born) and other methods that are a little more complicated.

      If you are interested, please do join my Scullywag Astrology Facebook group and feel free to put questions like that forward there and we should be able to discuss these sorts of topics in a less public area (it’s a closed group on Facebook so only other members can see what is posted). https://www.facebook.com/groups/1796590083986224/

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