Weekly Horoscope 31 Dec 2018 to 6 Jan 2019

Weekly Horoscope – 31 December 2018 to 6 January 2019

Happy New Year to all – I wish you a happy, safe and successful 2019!

Now, for the last week of 2018. We start the week with Mars entering the sign of Aries, a sign that it rules, amping up the energy levels just in time for the revelries.

On the 3rd, Mercury trines retrograde Uranus, bringing new ideas and revolutionary viewpoints.

On the 4th, the Sun sextiles Neptune, bringing out our more sensitive and idealistic sides. This is followed a few hours later by Mercury (communication/thinking) entering the sign of Capricorn making us more pragmatic. Enjoy the daydreaming while you can.

This is followed on the 5th by a partial eclipse of the Sun (New Moon) at 15° Capricorn. Those with natal planets at 14° to 16° degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries are more likely to feel the effects of this eclipse. For those that feel the impact of this eclipse, there may be some correlation between what happens at this time and events of 18 years ago.

On the 6th, Uranus stations direct and will soon resume its trek back through the last degrees of Aries and will return to the sign of Taurus in March.

At the time of Uranus being stationary, the Moon will come up to square it, so emotions may be a little unpredictable and seem to come out of nowhere at this time. Mercury will also be coming up to make a square to Mars at this time as well, making arguments and disagreements more likely.

All times Central Standard Time (CST).

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Aries the Ram

Are you feeling that energy? You should be – Mars the planet responsible for energy, ambition, anger, impatience, and libido is in your sign. Try to play nice; make love, not war. The 1st is a great day to get down to work and plan a strategy that will get you ahead in your career. The 3rd is a great time to dream big and make plans to broaden your horizons in some way. The 5th may be eventful in some way. This is a great time to move ahead with career plans, but don’t let impatience or anger to mar your plans.


Taurus the Bull

You may find that your energy levels are lower over the next 6 weeks, listen to your body and get what rest you need when you can. The 1st is a great time to sit down and make plans to get ahead and broaden your horizons in some way. The 4th is a great time to catch up with friends or network with others. The 5th may bring some news regarding those at a distance or to do with higher learning or travel. Don’t let low energy or lack of sleep make you resistant to other viewpoints on the 6th if possible.


Gemini the Twins

Issues related to shared resources and intimacy are likely to take up a lot more of your time and attention over the next month. The 3rd is a great time to sit down and make concrete plans in relation to these issues. You are likely to be spending more time with friends at this time and over the next 6 weeks. Just watch that you don’t get into any spats with friends on the 6th if possible, as emotions may be running high then.


Cancer the Crab

Career is about to become more important to you and will remain so for the next 6 weeks. It is in the arena of relationships with your partner and good friends that most of your attention will be focused though. The 1st is a great time to sit down with these people and make plans to achieve what you want over the next few months. The 4th is a wonderful time to get out and socialize with others. For some, there may be new beginnings or developments when it comes to relationships. The 6th can be an uneasy day for most, just remember emotions may be a little unstable and arguments more common at that time.


Leo the Lion

You are likely to be feeling energized and enthusiastic about ways to broaden your horizons in some way early in the week, This may involve travel plans or taking up some form of study. Work will also be on your mind, as will your health and fitness goals. The 5th may bring some changes or new beginnings in the areas of your life related to your work or health. The end of the week brings some heightened emotions and perhaps some angst regarding intimacy, shared resources and what you do for others.


Virgo the Virgin

You are certainly on the ball at this time and likely wanting to get your teeth into all sorts of matters relating to shared finances and possessions over the next 6 weeks. That doesn’t mean that you are all work and no play, quite the opposite. This is a time of the year that you are usually at your most social and this year is no different. Those that are involved in creative outlets will likely find that the 1st is a great day to sit down and work on the details. For some, there may be a new beginning or event related to your children, creativity or a lover that is quite significant around the 5th.


Libra the Scales

Relationships enter a new phase at this time, and over the next 6 week. Whether it is all trouble and strife or amorous is anyone’s guess though. The 1st is a good time to sit down and work out any details that need seeing to in regards to home and family. There may be new beginnings or changes afoot in regards to your home and family and the 5th may prove significant in some way. Near the end of the week, you may find yourself more prone to injury or arguments when it comes to work or health and fitness.


Scorpio the Scorpion

Like many of us at this time, you may be thinking of your health and planning on making some New Year’s resolutions at this time. Unlike most of us, you have Mars in your house of health and fitness for the next 6 weeks, so you stand a good chance of actually doing something about it. Communications with others intensify this week and will remain busy for at least the next month. The 5th may bring some unexpected news, possibly heralding new beginnings of some sort. You may need to watch how you speak to loved ones on the 6th though, the potential for upset is greater then.


Sagittarius the Archer

Those that are involved in sports or creative projects are likely to find the next 6 weeks very productive. You may want to watch how you interact with children or lovers at this time though, as you may find that you are a little over the top and focused on having your own way at this time. The arena of finances is where the bulk of your attention is focused over the next month. The 5th may bring some news regarding finances and possessions, or for some, this may be related to self-esteem. Issues related to money may cause some discord over the weekend in relation ot a child or lover.


Capricorn the Goat

The beginning of the week has you thinking about maybe revamping your image a little. In fact, there is a good chance that this will be something that preoccupies you for the next month or so. Another area where you will be putting in a lot of time and energy is in regards to your home and family. Big changes may be afoot for many of you, particularly those with a birthday between the 4th and 6th of January. Over the weekend, family members may be a little touchier than usual.


Aquarius the Water Bearer

Your day-to-day communications and interactions with those in your local neighborhood or siblings is likely to be more pronounced over the next 6 weeks. For those scheming behind the scenes, and if you aren’t, you likely soon will be, the 1st is a good time to do so especially. The 5th may bring some important breakthrough or aha moment for you in some way. You may want to watch what you say on the 6th, as the tendency to say out loud what should have remained unspoken may be stronger then.


Pisces the Fish

Money matters are about to become a bigger focus for many over the next 6 weeks. The arena of hopes and dreams and friendships is lit up strongly for you at this time and may be the arena of some new beginnings or changes near the end of the week. Networking with those that can help you career-wise will become more frequent from the 4th. On the 6th, you may find yourself in a disagreement with a good friend or a fellow group member regarding finances, possessions or self-worth.

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