Weekly horoscope - 8 to 14 January 2018

Weekly Horoscope – 8 to 14 January 2018

We start the week as we started with Mars conjunct Jupiter, bringing competitive urges, optimism, and confidence. We also have Sun conjunct Venus which has us all happy, creative and harmonious. We follow this up with both the Sun and Venus conjunct Pluto which may bring up power issues for some and deep bonds and intense interactions with others.

Mercury enters Capricorn, joining Saturn, Venus, Sun, and Pluto in this sign on Wednesday. Mercury goes on to conjunct Saturn on Saturday which will only reinforce the careful, serious tone that may prevail in thinking and communication at this time. Thursday we are finally out of the shadow period of Mercury retrograde.

Venus squares Uranus on Saturday which may have some of us acting out of character when it comes to values and relationships. Hopefully, this shake-up will be a productive one. We finish the week with the Sun square Uranus, so the surprises are likely to continue at this time, try to roll with the punches, and life should be a little easier for you. (All times CST)

Please be aware that for best results you should read your Ascendant sign instead of your Sun (star) sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can find out by requesting a free natal chart.  You can also catch your horoscope on our YouTube Channel.

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Aries - The RamCareer is very much your preoccupation at this time and will continue to do so for a little while yet. Some may find romance in the workplace and those that don’t will generally be well-regarded by bosses, clients, and peers. Money or possessions from other people and other sources may bring you a nice boost this week. Wednesday may be a tense day when it comes to power issues and career or public reputation. Near the end of the week, a need to show off your more unconventional side is likely to arise.


Taurus - The BullThe desire to get out-of-town and spread your wings will be strong at this time. For those that cannot get away at this time, you may find yourself making plans later in the week. For some issues related to travel, study or beliefs will bring powerful and intense moments early in the week. Time spent with your partner if you have one is likely to be optimistic and fun at this time, you can appreciate each other and spur each other on in your plans.


Gemini - The TwinsMoney is still very much on your mind and will be for a while yet. Issues related to power and sharing of resources may bring some sort of intense interaction early in the week. For some, this will be more a deepening and intensifying of your romantic bond. Your career is likely to be going well at this time, and you are likely optimistic and excited to enact some changes in this regard. This is probably not the best week to lend to or borrow from a friend.


Cancer - The CrabIt’s all about your relationships at this time and will be for a while yet. The week starts off well with you and your partner likely feeling very loving towards each other. Romance, having fun, time spent with your children and creative projects are all likely to fill you with confidence and optimism at this time. Early in the week is also a time when your romantic relationships become more intense and a deepening of your bond is likely at this time. Late in the week, an unexpected development regarding your workplace may have some repercussions in your relationship.


Leo - The LionWork is likely to be pre-occupying your thoughts at this time, as well as your health and daily routines. Early in the week is a great time to start on a new diet or fitness program, as you are likely to have the right mind-set to do so at this time. Interactions with colleagues could be a little tense early in the week. You may have a surprise in store for you late in the week regarding your work and an overseas/study connection in some way.


Virgo - The VirginThis is likely to be a fun time for you, with time spent with your loved ones and doing the things you love. Love relationships are likely to blossom at this time and those that are creatively talented are likely to be inspired and productive right now. Issues related to finances, particular those that are shared, from an inheritance, or related to lending or taxation may take you by surprise late in the week.


Libra - The ScalesHome and hearth are where your time and attention is directed at this time. The week starts out as a wonderful time to spend at home and with your family. A few days later you may have some intense issues to address re either home or family although this is likely to be beneficial in the long run. Your money luck could be good at this time too, and you are likely to be optimistic about your plans to improve your financial situation further. Late in the week, your partner may surprise you in some way which means you need to make some adjustment in relation to your home or family.


Scorpio - The ScorpionCatching up with siblings, cousins and people in your general neighbourhood is likely to be on the top of your to do list at this time. There may be some issues that you need to resolve with someone in that list above, and if so, Tuesday is likely to be the day to do so. You yourself are likely to be feeling good at this time and people are well disposed towards you. Late in the week, you may have to reorganize your schedule as work or a daily commitment unexpectedly needs more of your attention.,


Sagittarius - The ArcherMoney, possessions and self-worth are what are occupying you most this week. You probably start the week off feeling pretty good about how things are going. However, this may be short-lived as you are likely to have some pretty intense moments regarding these issues shortly afterward. Now is the time for careful thought when it comes to finances and this week would be a great time to draw up a budget. Near the end of the something fun and exciting catches you unawares, and may have an impact on your finances.


Capricorn - The GoatThe week is likely to start out well with you feeling extremely good about yourself. A day or so later, you may feel a little more angst driven, perhaps concerned about how others perceive you. You needn’t worry, others see you as competent and reliable at this time, if a little slow to take action. Some development regarding your home or family may have you scrambling late in the week to catch up with events and put a good face on things.


Aquarius - The Water BearerThis remains a time when you are more interested in being behind the scenes. You may do some soul-searching at this time and may find that you are able to address some deeply held or intense issues early in the week. Career wise you are likely to be doing well and may be more competitive than usual. Late in the week, you may receive news that shocks you out of your doldrums and has you a little more eager to get out among it all.


Pisces - The FishYour friends are very much on your mind at this time. The week starts off very well with you feeling close and content with friends and groups that you belong to. A day or so later though, there may be some intense moments regarding friends and friendships. Many of you are making plans at this time too, to travel overseas or to take up some form of study to help further your career ambitions. Unexpected events regarding money, possessions or your self-esteem may have some impact on your career late in the week.

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