Weekly horoscope 27 February to 5 March 2015

Weekly Horoscope – February 27 to March 5, 2017

Please be aware that for best results you should read your Ascendant sign instead of your Sun (star) sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can find out by requesting a free natal chart.  You can also catch your horoscope on our YouTube Channel.


Aries - The RamYour energy is strong and your leadership skills are on display at this time, especially early in the week. You may need to watch that you do not come across as too aggressive at times though; especially with your partner. You want excitement and your own way at this time, and will resent anyone that tries to hamper your freedom. In the later part of the week you may find yourself day dreaming more than usual. Your imagination and intuition are heightened at this time; try to find a way to put this to some creative use.


Taurus - The BullIf you have been wrestling with some inner demons, this might be the week that you have some success in dealing with them. This would be a great time to give up bad habits and start a new exercise or health routine. Time spent with friends is likely to be a lot of fun and rather creative. If you have a personality clash with someone who you work with, try to exercise caution later in the week as tempers will be frayed for many at this time.


Gemini - The TwinsAny groups that you belong to may be looking to you at this time for your leadership skills. You’re firing on all engines at this time, and people are excited about this. At work, you are especially creative and inspired this week. Do be aware that later in the week that all that you hear regarding your career may not be the full story as yet. There may be some niggling tension between time spent with friends or groups and time spent with a lover or your children.


Cancer - The CrabWork is going well for you at this time and early in the week you are likely to be displaying your leadership skills and coming up with innovative ideas. There may be some friction in regard to your career and your home and/or family. International events may play some hand in this, maybe you are required to travel for work, or take up study to further your career at this time. You want to follow your career dreams but may feel impelled by circumstances to break free of something first.


Leo - The LionStudy and/or overseas travel may be calling you at this time. There is likely to be a lot of running about with errands before you really get time to enjoy what you want to do in these areas though. Money matters are strongly on your mind at this time too. Be aware that you may not be aware of all the facts when it comes to financial matters at this time, and try not to count your chickens before they hatch.


Virgo - The VirginMoney will be very much on your mind, and may lead to some confrontations later in the week. You may have some innovative ideas on how to approach a financial matter early in the week. Time spent with your partner is likely to be quite idyllic this week. For many, relationships will be dreamy and romantic at this time, but for some, there may be some disillusionment or even deceit about.


Libra - The ScalesEarly in the week you may find that you have some great ideas on how to overcome obstacles in your partnerships. However, this week is a rocky one for issues of commitment and freedom, and some adjustments and sensitivity on both sides will go a long, long way at this time. Collaborating with work colleagues is likely to be constructive this week but you may find that you need to follow-up and refine these ideas in coming weeks as there will be a tendency to not see everything you need to at this time.


Scorpio - The ScorpionAt work you are likely showcasing your impressive leadership style and at home you are likely to be working on a new you. Time spent with your children or on a hobby will be time well spent this week. You are feeling especially creative and your intuition is likely to be working overtime. Taking time out to do things that relax and bring you joy are important at this time. Don’t be afraid to carve time out for yourself and your happiness.


Sagittarius - The ArcherBig changes could be afoot regarding your home or your family at this time. It may be that there is a new member coming into your household, or one leaving at this time. Irritations with friends may flare a little this week as you may seem to be more focused on doing your own things and taking care of your creative needs. Children or a lover may demand more of your attention than you feel is warranted at this time.


Capricorn - The GoatThe demands of family versus the demands of your career are likely to become a bit of a sticking point at this time. Your ability to communicate with others at this time is good, but there is the possibility that the full facts are not at your disposal at this time, or that you become aware of crucial information at a later date. Your plate is likely to be full at this time, with many errands to attend to, keeping you on the move and possibly a little edgy.


Aquarius - The Water BearerCommunication, errands and study and/or overseas ventures are likely to be very much in the cross hairs this week. While you may be getting very used to overcoming obstacles and adjusting to your sometimes hectic routines, this may be the week where something needs to give. Money matters are likely to be on your mind a lot at this time. While you may be day dreaming about some financial boost, it may be that you are not fully aware off all the details at this time.


Pisces - The FishMoney matters may be very much a part of some heated discussions this week. You yourself are likely to be seen as rather soft and dreamy at this time but when it comes to finances you are likely to shock others with your ferocity. How you see yourself and how you present yourself to others – the world at large may be undergoing a change at this time. You may very well feel like you are shedding an old skin and showing off your new one now.

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