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Weekly Horoscope – October 17 to 23, 2016

This week brings with it some friction. Wednesday and Thursday, everyone is likely to have a lot more pent up energy; and for some this is going to come out as aggression and arguments. Remember, you catch way more bees with honey, rather than vinegar. If you have a passion or a purpose, you could use this time to really lay the ground work for your plans. Thursday and Friday may find some being rather closed off and unwilling to listen to new views or approaches. Just remember, it is not unusual for a genius to be ignored in his or her lifetime.

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Work may be a battlefield if you are not careful this week. Try to put all that excess energy you have into your projects rather than getting competitive with others. This is a good policy in regard to partners at this time too. Your ideas may be met with dumbfounded looks at this time. Try not to take this too personally, everyone is being affected by this and many are not having their stories heard.


If you are studying at this time, you should be able to get a lot done. However, you may want to watch your interactions with others, as you may come across as a lot more bombastic than usual. Your approach and motivations for work or fitness may be seen as being a little extreme or left center at this time. Not to worry, as long as it all makes sense to you – what does it matter?


Interactions with banks and lending institutions may be troublesome this week. Likewise, money shared with partners may be an issue at this time too. You may have problems with accepting the views of friends or groups that you belong to at this time. You may feel out of sync with people and a little lost at sea, but hold on, equilibrium will return shortly. Your relationship with your partner is likely to be a welcome refuge during this time.


After what may have been a rough weekend with your partner, you may not be out of the woods just yet. Midweek may find you bickering with your partner; a better way to use this energy is to put it into tackling a situation or project that is important to both of you. Thursday and Friday may bring out the stubbornness in others. Right now, people, particularly at work are unlikely to want to listen to new ideas or views. The struggle to maintain a harmonious work/life balance may be a sticking point.


Midweek may find you with problems at work. As hard as this is, try to swallow your pride and look for ways to work with others productively on a joint project. Time and effort put into work situations or your health is likely to pay off handsomely at this time. Later in the week, you may have your hands full trying to convince someone of your world view, or they may be trying to convince you. Either way, nobody wants to concede ground or to budge. The best way to deal with this is to accept that we all see things through our own filter and celebrate our differences.


Children or lovers could be giving you headaches midweek. Try and get out and expend that energy on more productive pursuits than bickering and fighting. Issues relating to money later in the week may also have you at exasperation point. In the following weeks, decorating and feathering your nest at home will become more important. Now would be a great time to get the ground work laid for all the ambitious plans you have for your home.


Home may not be so serene at this time, and you are likely to find this rather unsettling. Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do, but to try to direct these energies into other more productive pursuits. Near the end of the week you may find yourself butting heads with your partner (business or romantic). This is a time when people are less likely to listen to others and have their minds firmly made up. Even a sweet talker like you may not be able to talk your way into getting them to see your point of view. You can’t win them all. Just chalk it up to experience and wait for sunnier days.


Your words are powerful right now, more so than usual. Try to ensure that your words are not hurting or harming others at this time though. You may also find yourself on the receiving end of some rather harsh truths (or untruths) at this time. Work may be bothersome later in the week; people may not want to listen to you – even when your ideas are brilliant. Sometimes people are just not in the right space to hear what you are saying.


Money may be causing you grief midweek, but you are looking good nonetheless. You may need to watch your reactions around money; you are inclined to get rather compulsive about it at this time. You could be either a Scrooge or at the other end of the scale, extremely reckless. You may have disagreements with your children or good friends at this time. Don’t let this spoil a friendship. Friends are a great support to you at this time and will be for the next year; don’t let a difference of opinion spoil this.


Are you coming across as powerful and in control – or as an egomaniac? That may be something that you end up asking yourself sometime this week. You are certainly driven at this time, and for a Capricorn, that is saying something. With all your focus on work at this time, you may find that those at home are feeling a little neglected and may react in unusual or unconventional ways to gain your attention. Don’t be too hard on those that have always been there for you; you don’t have to agree with all that they say or do, but if they have your back, you should have theirs too.


You may find yourself wrestling with some inner demons this week. Go easy on yourself; you are likely doing the best that you can. If you think you can do better, then certainly try, but don’t go looking to feel bad about things in the past. Learn and move on. If you are studying or dealing with people from a distance, you may find that you end up in a stalemate situation. You may be coming across as far too revolutionary in your ideas and speech at this time for some people.


Relations with friends may have their tense moments this week. Try and find a constructive way to spend time with friends; too much sitting around talking may end up in an argument. Get out and do something active together to direct this energy into a better setting. You may also have trouble with financial institutions at this time, or with a partner regarding joint money.


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