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Crowdfire App – Video Walk-through

Crowdfire App – Video Walk-through

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I have been using Crowdfire for a little while now and am finding it incredibly helpful. They seem to be adding all sorts of functionality to it all the time. It is available on Google Play Store, iTunes and for desktop.

Here’s a little video I did of me using the Crowdfire app on my phone. Every day they send a little message saying it’s time to market.


This is how you use Crowdfire. It’s a little app to help you with your social media marketing.

First up it gives you what’s called a report card. This tells you how your various (social media) sites have been going such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Crowdfire report card

Then it asks if you’d like to fetch prescriptions, which are just your media posts and YouTube videos.

So, first up, this one here. You have a choice whether to block the post for ten days or block it forever in the case if it’s obsolete. If you do decide to share it, you just select which accounts you want to add.

So in this case, they already have the astrology ones, but I’ll just go and show you. Just go up there and you have your accounts linked there. So we’ll do it for Twitter, I won’t do it Instagram on this occasion, and Facebook.

Done. It gives you a little preview of what it will look like. And actually, for this one, I’m going to edit it. Put in some hashtags. (muttering – fat little fingers) Done. So that one’s ready.

And Facebook, put in a message if you want.  Done, and then I’m just going to select post at best time. And that’s been done.

Crowdfire options for posting

You also have the option to post now or to schedule it. So for this one, we might actually just schedule it. Let’s do it for the 20th of June. Ok. You can set AM or PM. I’m going to set AM. 11. 11. 55. AM. You can see down there, it’s got the details. Just hit post. That’s done.

Or you have one like this one which is old and obsolete so I don’t want to see it again. I’m just going to block it forever. Same with that one.

It gives you a few versions. It does put in a little script for you. You can change that if you want. When you’re done you just press done up the top.

Then it suggests articles from others to share. Now this one. I have no idea what they’re saying. So you have the option to block the article from that company or from whoever has posted it to Twitter.

So, that’s a company that looks … I don’t know what they’re saying; so will block articles from them. Again, this is one I don’t know what they’re saying so I’m just going to block that.

(Bit slow tonight) This one is a little bit obsolete because it’s for June 15th. Ah actually – today’s the 15th, so I could show that. (muttering – I’m not going to do that) I’ll share and we’ll share that now because otherwise if it shares it when it’s next the best time it might be too late. So we’ll post it now.

Here’s something that doesn’t particularly interest me, so….. just leave that. They might have something that does interest me at a later date.  Just press done.

Now this one is Instagram images. You can share images from other accounts. I’m sure that it probably credits the person and ….Instagrammers can be a bit funny about sharing content though so I usually just leave that. I’ll hit skip.

This is like these 50 smartfeed suggestions to increase your reach. Just tells you why you should do that. Different things….you pick which ones you want. Just press done.

And it gives you the option to follow your fans. People that have liked your account.

And then to (un)follow non-followers. So you just go down and look. I always get rid of people that have zero following like that one. The others; I have added some people just lately so it’s possible that they haven’t checked their accounts yet so I give them a couple of days grace.

And then follow these 33 followers of similar accounts. See if there’s somebody there that looks like they would be suitable.

And then unfollow these 50 inactive accounts. You can see they’re giving a reason there. “If you continue following them it will skew you followers following ratio and keep you from following more active users. Skip that for now.

Then it gives you some suggestions of accounts tweeting about your keywords. If there’s somebody there (that interests you) you can select that. I’ll just skip it.

This gives you the option to have an automated welcome message when you get new followers. This is for the Social Media one. Yeah.

And it’s asking for a Twitter bio for that.

We’ve got some non-followers here. If, ah…. there was somebody that I do want to follow; I don’t want to have them thrown up in my suggestions again, I can actually whitelist them.

And then it brings you up Instagram accounts to just like. Saves you going into Instagram. It doesn’t give you many. This is the one for the Social Media (account) now.

So, back to the main area again. You tap up here, little icon. You can see the social accounts that you have. I’ve got two for each of these accounts.

I’m not sure how many you can actually put in, but I’ve got Twitter. Facebook; it does connect your private profile. I don’t think you can have the pages without the private profile because I’ve tried to take that off and it didn’t work.

Also Instagram and Pinterest. Then it asks – do you have any YouTube channels, in case you want to share them. Also WordPress. Any blog that you post, it will ask you “Hey, do you want to post this? Let’s share it to your social media.”

Then you have Shopify and Etsy. If you upload a new product it gives you the option, which I assume, to promote that product.

And then there’s Blog which I assume is just another blogging platform.

It keeps a history. Go back, you can see previous days and if we go back a little bit further you can “Let’s share your new video to get more views. Here’s a post.” It automatically formats what it says. You can change that if you want. Just tap down there.

Then there’s Twitter growth features. You can go into this at any time. Shows you your non-followers. People who don’t follow you back.

There’s also followers, followers who you don’t follow back. I might have missed them across the way.

Recent unfollowers. I’ve gone through and got rid of some of these. Looks like I’ve done almost all of them. There’s one. Recent followers.

Inactive following or following. Copy followers. This actually allows you to copy the followers of other accounts that are similar to yours. If you hit this little edit button you can put in the accounts of competitors or similar accounts and if you just want to add a new account you press that little button there and type in the name.

You can select competitors or similar accounts to follow via Twitter with Crowdfire

And yeah, so just gives you who’s following those accounts and you can go and follow those in the hope that they follow you back.

We have our whitelist. These are people that we want to keep following. If you put somebody on there by accident you can go and remove them and by the same token if you’ve blacklisted somebody, (said) that you don’t want to follow them; you don’t want any suggestions about following them; if you’ve put somebody on there by accident you can also take them off of that list.

And then there’s the auto DM. Send an automated welcome message to new followers. This is for Scullywag Astro. I can change it to Scullywag Social if I want

And do an auto DM for them or it has all the same things for if I want to follow, copy followers for somebody there, I would put in…..oh apparently I’ve already done…….no I think that is still; that’s still astrology. I’m sure they’ll fix that up soon though.

And that’s that. If you go and have a look at G-Mail, every week I get a little report telling how I did the previous week. You see this one, it’s 79 posts. I don’t post to Instagram with this. I do most of my Instagram posting though Buffer, another app I really, really like.

So it tells you how many new followers. How many unfollowers and any interactions. What your longest streak was. Apparently last Tuesday I didn’t do anything and just a little encouragement.

It only lets you post once a day. If I try to go in and do the prescriptions again it comes up with a message saying “Oops, you’ve already completed this set of prescriptions rockstar! Way to go!”

So I hope you enjoyed that. If you can hear that, that’s my cat. I’ve had to edit this in a couple of stages because he’s decided to get his two cents worth in. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and have a nice day.

[End of transcript]

One of the features that didn’t pop up when I did the video (because it wasn’t relevant to me that day) is the ability to respond to unread mentions on Twitter.

Respond to unread mentions on Twitter with Crowdfire

So, in conclusion, I would recommend trying out Crowdfire if you are looking for a way to market your content. It seems to be constantly coming up with new features, which I think is simply brilliant.

Have you used Crowdfire? If so, what did you think?

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