How to Find and Get Rid of Non-followers from your Social Media Accounts

How to Find and Get Rid of Non-followers from your Social Media Accounts

How frustrating is it to build up a following on social media, only to see the number of your followers dwindling compared to how many you are following back?

Many people will follow you, in the hopes that you will follow them back, only for them to unfollow you a few days later. It’s just part of how it works, and like it or not, people do look at your numbers and make judgments about it.

Anyway, every so often I go through and cull people that have unfollowed me on social media and thought I would share what I use for this site and my other site Scullywag Astrology. Most, if not all of these are free. There will, of course, be paid versions that will look after this for you, but I am all about keeping costs low if possible.


The Crowdfire app gives you the power to see who has followed or unfollowed you as well as showing who is following your competitors.

I use Crowdfire to promote my content and to weed out people that have unfollowed me on Twitter.

They have what they call prescriptions to increase your reach. The prescriptions include such things as suggestions of accounts that you can follow based on keywords that you have selected, tweets to like or retweet, inactive accounts that you may want to unfollow, and even the option to copy followers of competitors of yours.

If you just want to get straight in and deal with your Twitter unfollowers, you can go to the very bottom left-hand corner of the app and select the 3 orange lines. This will take you to Twitter Growth Features. This will list non-followers, fans, recent unfollowers, recent followers, competitor’s followers, and keyword search.


I looked around and PinFollow seems to be the only free version to find accounts on Pinterest that you are following that are not following you back. It allows you to unfollow up to 500 non-followers at a time.

You go to the section where it shows who you are following. Over on the right-hand side is a box you select to filter out people that are following you, so you don’t end up unfollowing them in error. Then – you just go and unfollow those that are not following you back. Keep in mind that Pinterest is very much about repinning as well as pinning your own images though, so you may want to keep some accounts that are not following you back if their content is very good.

When you log back in after using it the first time, you may need to scroll through the list, as the people that you previously unfollowed are likely still listed there. You need to scroll through the list to where you left off last time. For free though, you really cannot fault this, especially as there is very little out there that offers this ability at all.


I have been using Follow Cop, an app that appears to only be for Android. I use the free version, so an add pops up from time to time, but considering the ability to find out who unfollowed you this seems a small price to pay.

If there are accounts that don’t follow you but which you wish to keep following, you can left-swipe to whitelist the account so that it will not come up in the list again and you won’t unfollow them by accident.

I went through and unfollowed several hundred accounts earlier and it didn’t seem to have any limits at all, although this may change at any time. There is a paid version of this, that has other features you may be interested in.


Facebook says that there is no way to find out who unliked your page but this answer from Facebook’s Help Community gives a good insight into why it might have happened. If someone has an account shut down because it is fake; or if an account has been voluntarily deleted by a user or memorialized after their death then that like from their account will disappear from your Facebook page.

So, I hope that helps somewhat. What tools do you use when it comes to controlling your social media accounts?

Featured Image by Shahid Abdullah from Pixabay

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