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Ritter Cycle Racing Inc

Ritter Cycle Racing Inc

Ritter Cycle Racing Inc is the website of Rick Ritter from St Jacob, Illinois. Rick has been in business since 1984, providing high-performance modification parts and services for ATV owners. Over the years his website has undergone a few changes.

Then and Now

Click on and drag the arrows in the above photo to see before and after.

While the original design was fine for its time, it was well overdue for an update. Among other things, the website automatically downloaded a midi file of Van Halen’s “Jump” to your device every time you landed on the home page. As well as being incredibly intrusive, this was a major copyright breach. 

Slider to Display Latest Products and News

As Rick has a vast array of products and services for sale; as well as articles, technical drawings, diagrams and videos that he wants to showcase on his website; a magazine theme website design was decided upon.

The Ritter Cycle Racing website at https://www.rittercycle.com/ incorporates a slider at the top of the front page to showcase the various products and services for sale, as well as articles and holiday greetings (Rick dressed up as Santa and reciting his Christmas poem was a sight to see!).

Adding Products and Services

Although the website had been online for nearly 20 years, it had not made any significant online sales. The exception being the occasional sunglasses sale, which were on a page not accessible via the main website page. 

Rick has a lot of products and services that he provides and is in high demand with his customers. Rick’s main concern and delay in updating his website have been how much time and effort it would take to redo it properly. 

While it would be optimal to have all of the available products online; as long as the necessities of a website (including privacy policy, terms and conditions page and contact form) are there, products can be added on an on-going basis. This takes some of the pressure off of Rick to have all of his product descriptions and photos available in one fell swoop.

At present, there are close to 40 Ritter Cycle Racing products and services available on the website, which is perhaps a fifth of the business’ total inventory.

Customers can search for products and services via the type of engine modification they are interested in, or via ATV model.

Sales Already Rolling In

Although less than 20% of all his stock is on his website, and he has done very little promotion of it, Rick has already seen an increase in online sales. These sales have been mainly from customers who have never dealt with him previously.

Rick has also seen an uptick in customers ringing him after viewing  something on his website. While some of these customers ask him if they should purchase over the phone or go back to his website, Rick always suggests doing the transaction then and there.

This approach works best, as the customer is less likely to get distracted and forget to return to the website to close the sale. While a website with an online shop will grow your online sales, you are likely to see an increase in offline sales too, as some customers will prefer to research first and then do business in a more personal manner. 

RcR woocommerce stats
Figures obscured to preserve privacy

Video Display and Cataloging

Rick has a lot of videos that he has produced over the years and uploaded to his Facebook page, as well as professionally made videos from his friends at RamblinAround.  Videos that have been uploaded to YouTube and Facebook are both embedded on his website so that his customers do not have to leave his website to view them. 

To make the most of all the video that Rick has available, there is a section on the home page showcasing the latest videos as well as a dedicated page where website visitors can view all the videos. The sidebar of the website also has a drop-down menu of Rick’s videos by category. 

Featured Products

The front page of the website also has a Featured Products section where the products and services that Rick wants his customers to notice are and can be purchased without first going to the website shop. The sidebar of a website is also an area where featured products or services can be displayed to great advantage. 


Rick’s reputation goes before him in his field, but even so, social proof is always an excellent advertisement for any business. Rick put out a call on Facebook for client testimonials and was inundated. A website page was set up to display the testimonials, along with another page where people can submit their testimonials in their own time. 

Rick also used the website upgrade as a way of making his customers feel included by asking if they would like to have their ATV’s featured on his website. This is what is called generating user content, and produced excellent results with lots of photos submitted. This not only helped with photos needed for the website but makes customers feel connected to the business and encourages them to share the results with others. 

Example of a testimonial page.

Social Media

As he is in high demand already, Rick feels no need to branch out into other social media platforms beyond Facebook and YouTube.  He has found where his customers congregate and they know where to find him too. 

While Rick already has a Facebook presence, he will find that having a dedicated Facebook Business page will give him access to statistics and analytics and give him more scope when it comes to advertising. Facebook pages can also have a shop section, where you can feature products for sale. 

Rick plans to expand his YouTube channel. As he is recognised as an expert in his field, and the type of videos he produces are of interest to both home builders and those that prefer to have an expert take care of the problem, he is likely to garner a lot of views, especially if he promotes them well. 

This will increase his brand awareness, and if his audience on YouTube increases then he may also make some passive income from YouTube ads. 

If he were to want to expand his reach further down the track, he could look into Facebook groups, or starting up a newsletter to keep his customers informed of new products and services he has on offer.  Another option would be to offer online masterclasses on a subscription or one-off basis.

Google My Business & Google Search Console

Although his business serves customers world-wide, Rick is still able to take advantage of his Google My Business page as well. 

Google My Business does particularly well for local businesses; as when someone searches for a product or service, Google will often list businesses close by that offer such goods or services. 

As Rick already had a Google My Business page, it was a simple matter to update the photos, and add his products to his My Business Page. This is particularly useful, as visitors can click on a buy button in Google search, without having to first go to the website, and search for the product.  This works particularly well with people searching via mobile devices. 

Rick didn’t have his Google Search Console set up so I arranged that for him. This allows Rick to access analytics and statistics about his website and its visitors.

Among other things, he will also be able to view the search terms his website is ranking for, which websites are linking to him as well as the text used in that link.

He will also be able to view coverage issues (missing pages, crawl issues, mobile responsiveness issues) and inspect any of his website URLs. 

Website Care

As Rick doesn’t have time to monitor his website, I provide this service for him. I ensure that his website theme and plugins are kept up to date. This helps to ensure the smooth running of his website and keeps it secure (hackers often find their way in via outdated plugins). I also ensure that his website has regular backups and that they are saved to a separate account. 

All, in all, Rick has found, the ordeal of updating his website less bothersome than he anticipated and it has lead to an increase in brand awareness and revenue. 

"Scullywag services created a modern website for me with on-site purchasing. It has boosted my business and freed up my time. The time savings in customer interactions alone has made my new website a great investment, the on site sales make my work day more productive."
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