Faith Chapman owner of The Shearing Shed gives her testimonial for Scullywag Services

n 2018 I began a journey of owning my own Hair Salon. Lynda has been with me all the way. She has been very supportive in many ways.

From starting my own social media pages for my business on Facebook, to setting up an Instagram, Pinterest and Google webpages/ accounts, Lynda has always made me feel supported, encouraged and inspired.¬†With awesome ideas and insider tips and tricks, Lynda doesn’t miss a beat!

She talks my language without making me feel foolish. Lynda is not just professional but she is friendly as well, gently guiding me to meet the needs of my business. Lynda is a go-getter and is great when you have a question or problem.

If I make a mistake, Lynda spots it and gently tells me the right way to do it. Lynda has been helping myself and a lot of others in reaching their online goals.

She leaves you feeling empowered and just a little bit smarter! I recommend Lynda to anyone who needs support to make their internet experience the very best it can be!

As a result of all these positive focused activities, my foot traffic has more than doubled and my pages have received wonderful feedback and compliments from clients and customers. If you need help to take your business to the next level, just contact Lynda now, you won’t regret it!